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White House Kills Gun Legislation Over Impeachment

This is simply one of the sickest misdirections I have ever heard. We are in a absolute crisis in this country due to guns. Anyone who is concerned about the health and happiness of the majority of citizens in this … Continue reading

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Shooter Drills

One of the really bad bills that the Trumpublican Party is trying to get enacted in the Iowa legislature this session is a two pronged bill that would first eliminate the need for a concealed carry permit and second end … Continue reading

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Maybe WE CAN Do Something About Guns

Mark Joseph Stern writing on   “Imagine this: You’re in a church, or a school, or a concert, or a movie theater, and you hear gunshots. The next thing you know, you wake up in a hospital bed. You learn … Continue reading

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“Shoot Your Neighbor” The New Law In Iowa

If you ever dreamed of living in the old west with its paucity of rules on when and where you could draw your gun, it looks like you may get your wish soon in Iowa. Iowa’s legislature overwhelmingly passed the … Continue reading

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Will Grassley And Ernst Dig In Against Sensible Gun Control Measures?

ACTION ALERT from Iowans for Gun Safety. The Gun Violence Prevention Package introduced in the US Senate on October 8 seeks to close background check loopholes, make background checks better, and shut down the pipeline of illegal guns. You can … Continue reading

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It’s The Guns

There is a Facebook post currently being circulated that offers an illuminating analogy.  It is posted below. Also, I would like to pose the question, why is it only gun owners that seem to have NO IDEA that we have … Continue reading

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I’ll Just Leave This Here

For everyone to think about:

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War On Americans

With the Iowa caucuses approaching you can go to any Republican event and hear one of the mass of Republican candidates harp over and over on the theme of terrorism and the presidential “duty” to “keep America safe.” Yet what … Continue reading

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“So That A Positive Conservative Message”

“can rise to the top of the field.” This is a line that Scott Walker used in his speech retiring his presidential bid for this round. BTW, look out Wisconsin – Walker will be wanting to burnish his right wing … Continue reading

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Newtown: Two Years Later

Who can forget the stunning news two years ago tomorrow. A mass shooting in a grade school. A grade school for God’s sake. Twenty kids under 7 killed in cold blood. Perhaps the worst horror anyone could imagine. Civilians dying … Continue reading

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