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Vote Early Available Now!

We got our ballots on Monday. We voted at home Tuesday. Wednesday we drove to our county seat and put our ballots in the county’s deposit box. As we did this we observed  that business at that deposit box was … Continue reading

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If you are like our family, we have been doing much talking over the phone recently checking in on family and friends to be sure they are doing OK. Among most of my friends and family I am the political … Continue reading

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Watch This Handy Video Explaining Iowa’s Burdensome New Voting Regulations

Shout out to the Johnson County Auditor’s Office for providing this information.  This law will have a major voter suppression impact, particularly in college towns.  We need to make sure everyone knows what they need in order to vote. ### … Continue reading

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Maybe WE CAN Do Something About Guns

Mark Joseph Stern writing on slate.com:   “Imagine this: You’re in a church, or a school, or a concert, or a movie theater, and you hear gunshots. The next thing you know, you wake up in a hospital bed. You learn … Continue reading

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Not Involved Is Involved In A Big Way!

So you say politics bores you, or you don’t want people to know how you feel about issues. Unfortunately, failing to stand up for what you believe sends just as loud of a statement as does standing up. Refusing to … Continue reading

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Vote! Vote! Vote!

Remember that GOP mob scene that shut down the 2000 Florida recount? It’s in this cool Obama ad.  

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