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Sunday Funday: MLK And Inauguration Week Edition

Just seems sort of like the stars aligning that we would have the inauguration of the administration to rescue America from one of its worst crises ever to happen during the week of the celebration of the life of one … Continue reading

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Historian: Hold People Accountable

Note: I found this unrolled tweet on This thread from historian Seth Cotlar shows that the Republican Party of today that attempted an insurrection on January 6th did not just spring up yesterday. Its roots are deep and filled … Continue reading

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Feenstra, Miller-Meeks and Hinson Vote For Insurrection

Maybe I am taking their votes in the wrong way, but it sure seems that having had months of watching Trump do all he can to undermine our democratic processes to maintain his hold on power, and then after seeing … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: More Voter Suppression Edition

Guess who’s stepping up to the plate with a sedition edition? (3:45) Well it looks like high on the list for Iowa’s Republican legislators to fix? Yep, you got it. Iowa needs more voter suppression! Democrats still have a fighting … Continue reading

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Miller-Meeks Says Leave Trump Alone

Very Bad Idea To Leave A Traitor At The Head Of Our Government For An Extra Second. from the Quad-City Times:   Miller-Meeks said that if Democrats were not blamed or held accountable for violence that erupted during protests this … Continue reading

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Hardly A Surprise, Was It?

I have no idea why anyone was surprised that the current President of the US lead an insurrection against our government Wednesday. He has been calling for the insurrection for weeks. His calls for violence against the system have been … Continue reading

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Miller-Meeks: Trump And Republicans Should Not Be Held Accountable For Capitol Takeover

Release from Rita Hart: Miller-Meeks: “Trump and Republicans likewise should not be held to blame for the U.S. Capitol riot” Less than twenty-four hours after a violent mob incited by Donald Trump breached the U.S. Capitol, interrupting the congressional certification … Continue reading

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Dear Leader’s 100 Greatest Scandals*

*Up until early November* Well, soon we can have a conversation where we talk about the glorious future that can happen in America. Once this garbage dump of a human being is gone it may be possible. The wounds and … Continue reading

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A Short Trip Down Memory Lane

Since it is Christmas weekend, we will take it a little easy. Enjoy the holidays and please stay safe. We started the year with a president under impeachment. We end the year with that same president threatening to overthrow the … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: It Is Christmas! Edition

As usual with the holiday quiz, we will have questions concerning holiday practices from around the world as well as Christmas trivia and some current events. Be careful, for I feel a bit giddy and goofy due to the prospect … Continue reading

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