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Gerrymandering Author At Prairie Lights Wednesday

The two videos were posted on youtube in June of 2016. They are about 30 minutes in length in total August 23, 2017(Wednesday) – 7:00pm at Prairie Lights in downtown Iowa City, Salon editor-in-chief David Daley will read from Ratf**ked, Why Your Vote Doesn’t Count. … Continue reading

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Charlottesville: The Outward Manifestations Of Race In America

I will try to make this to the point. What happened in Charlottesville was the pot that had been boiling beneath the surface finally bubbling over so that we can really see that there is a problem. Will America be … Continue reading

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Loebsack: Censure Trump

A word from Iowa’s only Democratic congressman, Dave Loebsack. I’ve been both heartbroken and angered in the days since watching the horrific acts of violence and hatred from the radical racist fringe that took place in Charlottesville – and astonished … Continue reading

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Comment On Charlottesville

very short scene of the march in Charlottesville yesterday (8/12/2017) Watching the events unfold yesterday there were two thoughts that kept cropping up in my mind. The first was of my late Father-In-Law. Like so many of his day as … Continue reading

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Chuck Grassley: The Senate’s Keystone Kop

Scene: Outside a major bank in a major city that has just been robbed. The perpetrator got away to begin with, but came back in order to brag to pretty much anyone who would listen that HE had indeed robbed … Continue reading

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Third Week Of the Ernst Traveling Show

The third week of the 4 week Joni Ernst 99 county traveling show takes place next week. Senator Ernst herself will not be appearing at any of these meetings. Her staffers will be holding these meetings and be passing information … Continue reading

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How People Power Defeats Corporate Power

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Country Needs To Stop Whining About Trump

“Why do we have to be victimized by this fecklessness, his ignorance?”  – David Letterman Former late-night television show host David Letterman says that people need to “stop whining” about President Donald Trump and instead “figure out a way” to … Continue reading

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Constituents Confront Ernst 8:00 Monday Morning In Harlan

Not exactly a convenient time or place to attract a lot of constituents, but still a bunch of Iowans showed up.  Despite Ernst’s constant drumbeat of “I want to hear from you!”  she displayed how little she has been listening … Continue reading

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Taking Away LIHEAP?

As our media breathlessly pursues the current president’s Twitter droppings, the real rape of the American people goes on almost unreported. About the only thing that is getting reported on besides what a truly incompetent president we have is the … Continue reading

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