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Race In The Heartland

A new study by the Iowa Policy Project and other policy groups in the Midwest study the progress of race relations in the Midwest since the high water mark of Civil Rights action in the 1960s. The findings show progress … Continue reading

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From The JD Scholten Campaign

Steve King made national headlines yet again today. Take a look at the Huffington Post’s front page: When a HuffPost reporter on Capitol Hill Tuesday asked King about his retweet of a neo-Nazi, the congressman said all of his tweets … Continue reading

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Krugman: Big Business Reaps Trump’s Whirlwind

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman has a great article Thursday concerning business’s role in the Republican Party that has gone awry. Joining the Republicans in cynically using racism, xenophobia, misogyny and division of the country in order to win … Continue reading

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Steve King Stinks Up Iowa

Once again Iowa’s top racist lets it fly. I simply do not understand how anyone with a conscience could vote for this guy. Yet to Iowa’s shame, he has been returned to congress over and over. An even bigger shame … Continue reading

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Party Of Death?

Note: US House votes for budget that has deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare:    “The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King, Jr. As quickly as the news spread about the massacre in Las Vegas … Continue reading

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Charlottesville: The Outward Manifestations Of Race In America

I will try to make this to the point. What happened in Charlottesville was the pot that had been boiling beneath the surface finally bubbling over so that we can really see that there is a problem. Will America be … Continue reading

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Comment On Charlottesville

very short scene of the march in Charlottesville yesterday (8/12/2017) Watching the events unfold yesterday there were two thoughts that kept cropping up in my mind. The first was of my late Father-In-Law. Like so many of his day as … Continue reading

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Are KKK Members Infiltrating Our Police Departments?

The answer is yes.  Thom Hartmann, America’s #1 progressive talk radio host, discusses this disturbing fact with a caller in the video below, citing this article by Samuel V. Jones,  former military police captain and currently a professor of law … Continue reading

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