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SCOTUS Back To Work Tomorrow: Buckle Up

Tomorrow is the first Monday of October. In the US this year this means that we will be looking at the new Supreme Court session. This time around for the first time in a long time there will be a … Continue reading

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A Couple Of Bad Hombres In Court

The Des Moines Register had a story about State Auditor Rob Sand standing up and saying “Enough” when it comes to paying any additional lawyer’s fees for former Governor Terry Branstad. To that we would like to say “Thank You, Mr. … Continue reading

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Can Democrats Change The ‘Roberts Five’ Majority?

If Democrats hope to undo the conservative lean of the United States Supreme Court it won’t be as simple as Republicans had it in 2016. Many said the 2016 general election was as much about the Supreme Court as it … Continue reading

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Courts Becoming Republican Power Centers

Thanks to a case decided by the Iowa Supreme Court and a couple of cases on the docket for decisions this month for the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the US)  we can see why Republicans have put so much emphasis … Continue reading

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One Unspoken Reason To Vote This Fall

And a Good Reason To Vote For Democrats This Fall Once Neil Gorsuch was in place filling the SCOTUS chair that was stolen from Merrick Garland in 2016,  Radical Republicans were now fully in charge of all branches of the … Continue reading

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Corey Booker! Thanks For That Act Of Courage!

“Then Bring It”  We had the TV on in the background while we went about our business Thursday morning. We had the Stephanie Miller Show on Free Speech TV playing. Steph’s producer broke in with a short bulletin – Senator … Continue reading

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Some Days You Just Want To Scream!

(2:20 – Not sure if this fits, but I wanted to post it and this seems like a good spot) Mondays in June are the days that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) reveals its answers to the … Continue reading

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SCOTUS To Hear Case Designed To Gut Unions

Grassley’s Obstruction About To Pay Huge Returns For The Wealthy Thursday morning the Supreme Court agreed to hear Janus v. AFSCME  The SCOTUS has once more agreed to hear a case designed to gut public unions. In 2016 an 8 … Continue reading

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What happened Tuesday is much worse by far than what Brexit in the UK. That was a referendum on one issue. Tuesday’s election will bring about massive changes in most every aspect of our lives. Unlike they Democratic Party, the … Continue reading

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Grassley Demands Justice Department Investigation Of Justice Department, And Clinton Blockade Begins

Sometimes something pops up online that says just what you want to say. So here is a post from Thursday’s Dailykos by Joan McCarter that does a good job of what Iowans can expect if Grassley is re-elected. Since Chuck … Continue reading

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