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Mauro Ad Shoots Holes In Ernst Wall Of Hypocrisy

Double standard anyone? Watch this positive local news coverage of Joni’s ad “Shot” from 2014. Watch how Joni sings its praises because it gets her so much attention. It sets the stage for Eddie Mauro’s new ad “Cool Under Fire.”  … Continue reading

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Joni Ernst Chooses Gun Rights Over Victim Safety

Progress Iowa Report: Ernst refuses to protect domestic violence survivors Ernst’s VAWA reauthorization attempt allows convicted stalkers to continue gun possession Des Moines, Iowa — Progress Iowa released a report today, detailing the failure of Senator Joni Ernst to protect … Continue reading

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Iowans Shout Down Ernst’s Excuses For Doing Nothing About Our Gun Problem

Thank you Rodger Routh for getting this video. It sounded like there were a few noisy gun fanatics in the room but there was a lot of push back, too. I’d say the push back crowd definitely dominated the conversation.  … Continue reading

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NRA-Russia Scandal Involves Iowa

Check this out from the Iowa Informer The FBI is investigating whether the National Rifle Association received illegal funds from a Russian oligarch associated with the Kremlin to help Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, according to a summary of a confidential … Continue reading

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Iowa’s Joni Ernst One Of Top Recipients Of NRA Support

*Update 02-16-18:  Doubling down on her pledge of allegiance to the NRA, Joni Ernst repeated this absurd talking point after the mass shooting with a military style automatic weapon this week in a Florida high school. “Mental health care, not … Continue reading

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Will Grassley And Ernst Dig In Against Sensible Gun Control Measures?

ACTION ALERT from Iowans for Gun Safety. The Gun Violence Prevention Package introduced in the US Senate on October 8 seeks to close background check loopholes, make background checks better, and shut down the pipeline of illegal guns. You can … Continue reading

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Maddow Compares Joni Ernst To Failed Candidate Sharon Engle

Maddow: “You just can’t have candidates threatening to use guns to mount an armed revolt of the government if they don’t get what they want from the political system.” Enter Joni Ernst and her “beautiful little Smith & Wesson.”   … Continue reading

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