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Sandy Hook Was Five Years Ago Thursday

Gun Debate 5 years after Sandy Hook Massacre – 2.5 minutes We were on our way to visit some friends when the news broke in with the story of the tragedy in Sandy Hook. I pulled over and started crying … Continue reading

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Maybe WE CAN Do Something About Guns

Mark Joseph Stern writing on   “Imagine this: You’re in a church, or a school, or a concert, or a movie theater, and you hear gunshots. The next thing you know, you wake up in a hospital bed. You learn … Continue reading

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Can We Talk About Guns Yet?

There hasn’t been a mass shooting in the US that appears to be worthy of mass media attention in the past three weeks, so IS NOW THE TIME TO TALK ABOUT GUNS? Can we finally get something started before the … Continue reading

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It’s Not The Women, It’s The Men

Some of my friends and acquaintances are women who carry handguns. I’m not worried about getting shot by my lunch partner. I also don’t feel more secure knowing she has a handgun in her purse. It used to be a … Continue reading

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Party Of Death?

Note: US House votes for budget that has deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare:    “The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King, Jr. As quickly as the news spread about the massacre in Las Vegas … Continue reading

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King Once Again Disgraces Iowa

The most covered story of the week is yet another mass shooting in America, but this one gets coverage because a congressman was shot. That wasn’t even the worst mass shooting of the day. America today is so awash in … Continue reading

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“Shoot Your Neighbor” The New Law In Iowa

If you ever dreamed of living in the old west with its paucity of rules on when and where you could draw your gun, it looks like you may get your wish soon in Iowa. Iowa’s legislature overwhelmingly passed the … Continue reading

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Gun Lobby in Des Moines Creating Fake Fear To Push ALEC Gun Laws

Listen to the craziness from this gun lobbyist who is hard at work in the Iowa legislature.  He is attacking Matt Windschitl, Republican and gun store owner for alleged “watering down” of ALEC gun laws they are attempting to force … Continue reading

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Ken Rizer [R-HD 68] Voted To Repeal Iowa’s Criminal Background Check Law

  District 68 includes Marion, Bertram, Ely, and the surrounding parts of Linn County.  Click here to find out how you can vote now.  Click here to take the pledge to vote Ken Rizer out of office.  Click here to … Continue reading

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One More Quick Thought On Guns

Once again America is confronted with a spectacular incidence of gun violence, this time in a city whose best known moment in history is tied to gun violence, Dallas, Texas. During the aftermath of talking heads and empty slogans flying … Continue reading

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