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White House Kills Gun Legislation Over Impeachment

This is simply one of the sickest misdirections I have ever heard. We are in a absolute crisis in this country due to guns. Anyone who is concerned about the health and happiness of the majority of citizens in this … Continue reading

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A Couple Of Bad Hombres In Court

The Des Moines Register had a story about State Auditor Rob Sand standing up and saying “Enough” when it comes to paying any additional lawyer’s fees for former Governor Terry Branstad. To that we would like to say “Thank You, Mr. … Continue reading

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Who Is Un-American?

Remember waaaay back to two weeks ago when the current president decided to try to divert attention from the upcoming Mueller testimony by singling out four Democratic congress women and claiming they were un-American? In terms of news these days … Continue reading

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Can A Democrat Beat Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell?

Former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath announced she was running to beat Kentucky U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell in the Nov. 3, 2020 general election. She raised $2.5 million during the first 24 hours after her announcement. With 20 years in … Continue reading

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Robbing From The Poor, Giving To The Rich

In case you missed the news Tuesday, Senate leader Mitch McConnell admitted to one of his party’s least kept secrets: they plan to pay for those huge tax cuts for the rich that were passed last December by taking money … Continue reading

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Democrats In McConnellville

Mitch McConnell must miss Harry Reid and Barack Obama. Without their foil he’s got no one to blame but himself for failing to craft a legislative agenda to support the Republican president. He tries to blame Democrats but it falls … Continue reading

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McConnell: We Will Do Nothing Next Year

Grassley Expected To Do Nothing Next Year Either From Dailykos: “Don’t expect much from Congress in 2016. Don’t take it from me. Take it from the Republicans who control what Congress does: Don’t expect much. They have their reasons: Senate … Continue reading

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McConnell: We’ll Shut Down Government

Mitch has an itch. His itch is to be leader of the senate once again so he can force President Obama into a bad choice for America of signing bills that would disrupt policy or if not, shut down the … Continue reading

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Keep Dreaming Mitch McConnell

Editor’s note: Here is a shameless fundraising plug from our friends at Democracy for America. Thanks to you and all of us DFA, Senator Mitch McConnell had a very bad week. After we released polling showing McConnell losing his bid … Continue reading

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