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Robbing From The Poor, Giving To The Rich

In case you missed the news Tuesday, Senate leader Mitch McConnell admitted to one of his party’s least kept secrets: they plan to pay for those huge tax cuts for the rich that were passed last December by taking money … Continue reading

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Democrats In McConnellville

Mitch McConnell must miss Harry Reid and Barack Obama. Without their foil he’s got no one to blame but himself for failing to craft a legislative agenda to support the Republican president. He tries to blame Democrats but it falls … Continue reading

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McConnell: We Will Do Nothing Next Year

Grassley Expected To Do Nothing Next Year Either From Dailykos: “Don’t expect much from Congress in 2016. Don’t take it from me. Take it from the Republicans who control what Congress does: Don’t expect much. They have their reasons: Senate … Continue reading

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McConnell: We’ll Shut Down Government

Mitch has an itch. His itch is to be leader of the senate once again so he can force President Obama into a bad choice for America of signing bills that would disrupt policy or if not, shut down the … Continue reading

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Keep Dreaming Mitch McConnell

Editor’s note: Here is a shameless fundraising plug from our friends at Democracy for America. Thanks to you and all of us DFA, Senator Mitch McConnell had a very bad week. After we released polling showing McConnell losing his bid … Continue reading

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