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Why Teachers Are Important

From Robert Reich a great tribute to a teacher. A video (3 minutes) that points out what the radical right is doing to our schools. The radical right Republicans have been using teachers as one of their go-to whipping boys … Continue reading

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No High Five. Instead A Session Summation

The legislature has adjourned. Thus Progress Iowa ha ended their daily newsletter. Earlier this week they sent out a great summation of the bad deeds of our Republican legislature. All for the rich and none for the poor I would … Continue reading

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The High Five!

Another High Five from Progress Iowa. The legislature is back in session so be careful out there: We made it to Friday! It’s been a busy week in Iowa, but that’s why our team is here to give you the … Continue reading

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George Carlin on “Pro-Life”

Of course we had to show this video with the leak of Justice Alito’s opinion overturning Roe v. Wade: (9 minutes) “Once you are born you are on your own.” Don’t you wish the Regressive Party would work as hard … Continue reading

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Families Facing Power Shutoffs

From Thursday: Families across the United States are drowning in utility debt. In 33 states, families who can’t afford to pay their bills have been protected from energy shutoffs during the winter thanks to moratoriums that temporarily halted them. … Continue reading

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Staff Short? Give ‘Em More Work

Covid Kim has had some really strange responses to what is being described as a workforce shortage. The responses have ranged from cutting unemployment insurance early to attempt to force people in desperation to take any job, offering a whopping … Continue reading

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Polar Vortex, The Electric Grid And National Emergencies

Let’s Talk About Real National Emergencies Considering that our current administration and his party are putting huge emphasis on building an antiquated wall system on our southern border for a problem that is mostly fiction you would think that they … Continue reading

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The Children Are The Future

video 1.5 minutes NPR’s Weekend Edition last Saturday included a story on the seperation of a Guatemalan mother and her 3 year old son. Through an interpreter the NPR host, Scott Simon, conducted the interview. Near the end of the interview … Continue reading

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Scourging Yemen

Scourging Yemen by Kathy Kelly On May 10, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia informed the UN Security Council and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres that Saudi Air Defenses had intercepted two Houthi ballistic missiles launched from inside Yemeni territory targeting … Continue reading

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Telling Stat: US Birth Rate Falling

Amid all the crap about Dear Leader that dominates our news media day in and day out, there are sometimes some extremely important stories that slide almost unnoticed during the news cycle. Such was the story last week when the … Continue reading

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