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Statement In Response To Santa Fe High School Shooting

For Immediate Release: May 18, 2018 Contact: Matt Sinovic, (515) 423-0133 Progress Iowa Issues Statement In Response To Santa Fe High School Shooting Des Moines, Iowa — Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in reaction to … Continue reading

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What Prompts Excommunication?

I sent this email to the bishop of the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin. Since Catholic officials occasionally see fit to call out Catholic politicians for their stand if they favor abortion, I was curious what the Church stand is for … Continue reading

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How Will Trump Deport Millions?

This is Making America Great Again? Since many of the liberal persuasion like to think things through. Monday’s revelation of the Donald Trump “emigration” plan for undocumented workers and now their families offered us a real chance to noodle on … Continue reading

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Newtown: Two Years Later

Who can forget the stunning news two years ago tomorrow. A mass shooting in a grade school. A grade school for God’s sake. Twenty kids under 7 killed in cold blood. Perhaps the worst horror anyone could imagine. Civilians dying … Continue reading

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Some Random Holiday Thoughts

Some Random Holiday Thoughts Decided not to go off on a long winded rant today. The holiday atmosphere has me laid back and avoiding deep thoughts as if they were infectious bacteria. I know at some point I will have … Continue reading

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Good Question

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Another Feel-Good, Useless Chant from the Right

“Welfare should not be a career option.” Another feel-good, but useless chant from the Right. How does chanting “personal responsibility” actually help solve anything? There is no doubt that nationally, we have a an unacceptably high percentage of our population … Continue reading

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Young People Leaving Iowa

In a report issued Monday on Iowa employment one of the down notes sounded concerned Iowa’s young (25 – 44) workers leaving the state. This is hardly a new phenomenon. Young people have been leaving Iowa for decades. Yet for … Continue reading

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One of the worst tragedies that can befall anyone is the loss of a child. Blogforiowa wishes to extend our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the senseless shootings in Connecticut yesterday. We hope that some good will … Continue reading

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Black Friday Antidote – Fighting Hunger

Once again we are at the time of year when we hear about the extravagances of living in the material world. People fighting over TVs, shoppers descending on stores in the middle of the night to fight over some gee-gaw … Continue reading

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