White House Kills Gun Legislation Over Impeachment

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This is simply one of the sickest misdirections I have ever heard. We are in a absolute crisis in this country due to guns. Anyone who is concerned about the health and happiness of the majority of citizens in this country should be concerned about working to get our laws on guns much more stringent.

Seeing children massacred at schools, people shot in churches or synagogues, people mowed down in massacres at theaters, night clubs and outdoor gatherings should be enough to make every American call their representative and scream “Stop This Insanity!” 

Democrats have worked and passed legislation in the US House to tighten gun laws. They are ready at any time to enter into negotiations on this legislation. Yet over in the senate, Mitch Mcconnell, the self described “Grim Reaper” of stalling legislation from the House has proudly bragged that he will kill any bills coming from the Home, including the much desired gun legislation.

But in a strange move by the Republican Party, with rumors of an impending impeachment swirling around the current president, we suddenly hear stories that the White House was in negotiations on gun legislation. Now the White House claims that any negotiations on the gun bill are dead, killed by the House Dems move to impeach the president. From salon.com:   

Republicans have ended negotiations on a bill that would expand background checks for gun purchases because of House Democrats’ push for an impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

A Senate staffer told Washington Free Beacon reporter Stephen Gutowski that “gun legislation is dead, at least for the time being, because of the impeachment inquiry” that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday.

Trump lashed out over the impeachment inquiry on Twitter, arguing that Democrats were “so focused on hurting the Republican Party and the President that they are unable to get anything done because of it, including legislation on gun safety, lowering of prescription drug prices, infrastructure, etc.”

Trump did not mention that a recent gun bill proposal from the White House was quickly leaked and widely slammed by the NRA and gun groups before it was abandoned by the administration. He did not mention that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed to block the House-passed prescription drug bill from being debated in the Senate and is already blocking a House-passed background-check bill. He did not mention that he himself killed infrastructure talks by demanding that Democrats stop all investigations into his administration and personal finances.

In fact, the House has passed 395 pieces of legislation since January. McConnell has blocked nearly all of them and compared himself to the “Grim Reaper” as he vowed to block future legislation.”

So there you go. The Republican Party is only willing to consider legislation to protect the safety of your family if Democrats are willing to ignore the ’in your face’ wrong doing by the current president. Just so you understand where your safety and that of your family stands with the Republican Party. It means nothing to them. Nothing unless they can extract something for themselves out of it. And on their plus side, they have lined up with the NRA yet again.

Can you say “hostage?”

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