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Ernst Shows Ignorance On Climate

We just got past what I believe many of us felt may have been the last gasp for real democracy to maintain its tenuous grip on this country. Now the Democrats have the difficult task of simultaneously attempting to  craft … Continue reading

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Observations On A Nice Summer Day

World-wide Weather: After a scorching June, July is exiting in graceful fashion. But let’s be honest, the trend around the world is not good. More heat creating more unstable and more extreme weather. This week’s spotlight where unheard of weather … Continue reading

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Rise Up: Fight Against Child Imprisonment

June 20th, 2018 From: Progress Iowa It’s easy to feel powerless when each day brings more and more horrific stories about the parents and children who are detained while peacefully seeking asylum. But there is something you can do to … Continue reading

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Will An “A” From The NRA Be The New Scarlet Letter?

Last October following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Gavin Aronson over at the listed the contributions that Iowa senators and congress members got from the NRA. ran a story on this shortly after the Parkland shootings. But it certainly … Continue reading

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WTF, Joni?

I was planning on writing this week about what a horrible week the Republicans were having as more of the veneer eroded from their joke of an administration and their Congress of fools and boobs. Even though they were having … Continue reading

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Why In Hell Do I Call Grassley, Ernst Or State Republicans?

5 minutes Once again last week I engaged in one of the most frustrating exercises I have ever engaged in during my lifetime. And I am getting to be quite an old fart. I often feel like I am pushing … Continue reading

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Iowa’s Big 3 Republicans Flounder As Leaders

Grassley Obstructing Justice Once More. Remember back to February of 2016 when Justice Scalia died? Remember that Chuck Grassley’s response to Scalia’s death was an almost immediate announcement that he was going to obstruct the constitutional proscribed process of filling … Continue reading

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Iowa’s Republicans In Congress Vote To Cut Medicare & Medicaid

Iowa’s Republican members of congress have once again leveled a boot into the ass of elderly, poor and disabled Iowans. Thursday the US House held a vote on the 2018 budget resolution. A major feature of that budget is the … Continue reading

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Can We Talk About Guns Yet?

There hasn’t been a mass shooting in the US that appears to be worthy of mass media attention in the past three weeks, so IS NOW THE TIME TO TALK ABOUT GUNS? Can we finally get something started before the … Continue reading

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Ernst And Grassley Vote To Cut Medicare And Medicaid

As part of the budget bill passed late Thursday night by the senate Medicare will be cut by a massive $500 billion over the next ten years and Medicaid will be cut by an even more massive $1 Trillion over … Continue reading

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