Will Grassley And Ernst Dig In Against Sensible Gun Control Measures?

iowans-guns-web-version-jpeg300X300ACTION ALERT from Iowans for Gun Safety.

The Gun Violence Prevention Package introduced in the US Senate on October 8 seeks to close background check loopholes, make background checks better, and shut down the pipeline of illegal guns.

You can bet our US Senators are hearing from pro-gun activists about this legislation. Make sure your voice is heard too. Call on Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst to support the gun safety measures introduced in the Senate on October 8 by fellow Senators.

Contact Senators Ernst and Grassley today and challenge them to #actwithcourage to #stopgunviolence!

The shooting in Roseburg was the 142nd school shooting since 20131 and the 294th mass shooting so far this year in America.2 88 people die from guns3 and 210 people are shot and injured every day in this country.4

Despite this staggering amount of violence, Congress has done nothing to pass a single sensible gun law since the Sandy Hook tragedy in December 2012.

Make sure your voice is heard.  Contact Senators Ernst and Grassley today and challenge them to #actwithcourage to #stopgunviolence!


Dr. Jeremy Brigham
Iowans for Gun Safety

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