Shooter Drills

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One of the really bad bills that the Trumpublican Party is trying to get enacted in the Iowa legislature this session is a two pronged bill that would first eliminate the need for a concealed carry permit and second end the ban on guns on school grounds.  

Seems to me that if one of the evils in the world you are trying to eliminate is shooting in schools the best approach would be to make it harder to get guns near schools. Guess that is too logical.

Last week I ran across a twitter thread from Dr. Lisa Gilbert describing what happens in school shooter training.     A hat tip to demmiblue on for posting this thread. I will pick out pieces of the whole post. Please go to either link to read the full thread:

Dr. Lisa Gilbert


Have you ever wondered what goes on in those school shooter trainings your child’s teacher is required to undergo?

…as it turns out, I took extensive ethnographic field notes of the one I did.

Want to know some of what’s in them?

Have you ever wondered what goes on in those school shooter trainings your child’s teacher is required to undergo? 

…as it turns out, I took extensive ethnographic field notes of the one I did. 

Want to know some of what’s in them? 


The start of the day: 

Our principal made a big show of welcoming the officers to the building, laughing & greeted them by their names like they were old friends. 

We had never seen them before. And the officers never introduced themselves to the group, never told us their names 

The whole thing turned out to be facilitated by an LLC run by former law enforcement who perceived a business opportunity in the private sector. 

From the sterling client roster they rattled off at the beginning of the session, there’s $$$ to be made 

Reinforcing this perception: we were forced to sign waivers absolving the company of any responsibility for any & all harm we might experience during the scenarios.

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Instead, each powerpoint slide was riddled with acronyms: 

4E: “Educate, Engage, Escape, Evade.” 

RP: “Rally Point” 

RUP: “ReUnification Point” 

One slide had a toolbox with 4 golden Es in the lid & the text: “Not a single solution approach. Flexible. Use what you believe works. Tools for your toolbox” 

The slides weren’t just cheesy – they were designed to cut off critical thinking. Substantive Qs were “unprofessional” 

They showed us a surreal video of shootings, all set to an instrumental version of “Say Something I’m Giving Up On You.”  

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A colleague whispers to me, “We’re just sitting here waiting to get shot at.” 

She looks ashen, wants to start prepping the classroom now 

We hear them shoot blanks in the hallway. The gun sounds like a really bad prop for a school play. 

People spring into action, trying to push tables against the door. 

But nobody shut the door first, & it’s left open 

A brief debrief in which the officer repeatedly emphasizes there are no wrong answers, it’s just completely up to us, the important thing is to do something. 

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You get the drift. Since this is a twitter thread it is a fairly quick read. Unfortunately, it is a truly disturbing one. 

Hey, there, lawmakers. How about you get some guts and deal with the real issue – the proliferation of guns. Making it easier for kids to be targets of any goofball who can get his hands on a gun is very cowardly. What are you afraid of? The NRA? C’mon, think of the kids and forget the NRA money.

Stop the problem before it becomes a problem.

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this guy wouldn’t be accepted into today’s Trumpublican Party

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