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Sunday Funday: The Virus Wins In Court Edition

Rachel Maddow analyzes the SCOTUS ruling: (4 minutes) Who’d have ever thunk it? In a case involving public health versus those who want the freedumbs to spread a killer virus, those on the side of the killer virus won. I … Continue reading

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What Is Missing In This Picture?

Picture of house floor 1/6/2022 For orientation, This is a picture of the House of Representatives on Thursday January 6th, 2022. As you look at this picture, the Democratic side of the aisle is on your left; the Republican side … Continue reading

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If You’re Proud Of What You Did, Why Not Tell Everyone?

The following is a short video from Hillary Clinton’s 11 hour testimony before the highly partisan Benghazi Committee. She did not invoke all sorts of tricks to avoid testifying (3 minutes) Something I can’t figure out is why the defeated … Continue reading

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Attempted Overthrow Of Our Government Anniversary Next Thursday

Not preaching here. Just a reminder that next Thursday will be the anniversary of an attempted overthrow of the world’s oldest democracy. At this point only a few of those who participated in the overthrow have been arrested and prosecuted. … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: Biden Had A Great Year Edition

A kitten video, because what better way to start the year? (6 minutes): The title has little to do today with the content. I just wanted to make sure that I did not forget to mention what a great year … Continue reading

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“The Medium Is The Message”

For those who read my stuff you know this is a message I come back to with some frequency. This short statement proffered by Professor Marshall Mcluhan of Toronto University in the late 1960s. My interpretation of this is that … Continue reading

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Huh? What? Rep. Hinson?

As I was on my way to the store Wednesday I was listening to Thom Hartmann. Hartmann had a guest on from a new blog in the midwest. The blog is I am not sure who the guest was … Continue reading

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Roll The Tape

Poster Nance Greggs on commented on Republican propensity of Republicans to go to a standard “both sides do it” when they get questioned about violent or treasonous behavior. This way of ducking questions was most recently seen as Congress … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: Thanksgiving Week Edition

Pre covid – Debbie Downer. 5 minutes Well, more of us will be able to gather this year with family and friends thanks to President Biden and his administration’s aggressive policy of distribution of covid vaccines and boosters for all … Continue reading

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Republicans Ready To Force A New Crisis

Iowa’s Republican delegation will go along almost certainly. It is not like they care about you. Well we come off another stellar week for Iowa’s Republican contingent in the US House of Representatives. After Arizona representative Paul Gosar tweeted out … Continue reading

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