Republicans Ready To Force A New Crisis

Iowa’s Republican delegation will go along almost certainly. It is not like they care about you.

Well we come off another stellar week for Iowa’s Republican contingent in the US House of Representatives. After Arizona representative Paul Gosar tweeted out a sickening video of an anime cartoon of himself slicing off the head of fellow congress member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said enough. She called for a censure vote on Gosar’s implied threat of physical harm.

Had Gosar been working in any other public or private business in the US and had so very blatantly threatened a fellow worker, he would have been shown the door immediately. Yet that is not the way it works in the US House. We had to have a hearing AND a vote by his peers on whether his behavior was reprehensible. 

Amazingly, despite the threat being clear in the video, nearly every Republican voted that Gosar’s behavior was OK. When I say ‘nearly’ every Republican I mean that all republicans approved of Gosar’s behavior by either voting “NO” he should not be censured or by not voting. The two Republicans that did vote to censure Gosar were Lynn Cheney and Adam Kissinger. 

Note that among those APPROVING of Gosar’s behavior were Iowans Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Randy Feenstra and Ashley Hinson. APPROVING! You might also recognize that this tremendous trio of people who do not represent Iowans views in Congress joined together to vote AGAINST the much heralded infrastructure bill a couple of weeks ago.

But surely you can expect each one of them to be at ribbon cutting ceremonies when money from the infrastructure bill is used for much needed bridge repairs and more bridge repairs as Iowa’s bridges are about the worst in the country. Miller-Meeks, Hinson and Feenstra will be doing all they can to take credit in an election year.

Earlier in the year they stuck together to try to sink the stimulus check in the spring. This was followed by a round of taking credit for the stimulus checks. Misdirection and lies is what they do.

Right now we are on the cusp yet again of congress refusing to raise the debt ceiling so the US can’t pay the bills that have been voted on by congress. Rather than do the right thing, pay our bills, Iowa’s three amigos will waste our time and that of the media claiming the bills we refuse to pay were run up by Democrats – which they will say with a sneer.

Of course that is a lie. The largest portion of the debt was run up under the last 4 Republican presidents – Reagan, Bush, Bush and Trump. These debts were run up as huge tax cuts to the rich which did nothing to create economic stimulus, wars which we never paid for and the worst possible response to an emergency in history.

According to Janet Yellen we have until December 15th to raise the ceiling or economic Armageddon will rain down on the world. But she said we better have the debt ceiling raise ready to go long before that or we will see the foundations of the world economy start to tremble, causing early damage.

Based on what Iowa’s Republican representatives do and say they have no conception of what the debt ceiling is. Must be nice to know so little about your job and still get paid so much. Rather than try to learn what their role is, Iowa’s Republicans will be using valuable time just trying to blame somebody else and trying o make election gold while the world’s economic system trembles.

Of course what they are hoping for is that once again Democrats will save the day and raise the debt ceiling with time to spare. Then Iowa’s 3 House Republicans and two senators will claim they saved the economy from  – wait for it – Democrats. Then they will go on carping and misleading on the debt while they refuse to do the one thing that could really help the debt. That is to raise taxes on the wealthy so they are paying as much as secretaries and teachers. 

As a side note, the Build Back Better Bill passed with all Republicans in opposition. That means Iowa’s three Republican representatives voted against things like middle class tax cuts and negotiating drug prices by Medicare including life necessary drugs like insulin, whose price is way out of line today in America and Iowa. 

Can’t wait to hear them run on that!

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