ICYMI: Iowans Turned Away From Koch Brothers’ Group Event Supporting Hinson

From our friends at Progress Iowa:

For Immediate Release: Oct. 14, 2021

Contact: Ivy Beckenholdt, ivy@progressiowa.org

ICYMI: Iowans Turned Away From Koch Brothers’ Group Event Supporting Hinson

Des Moines, Iowa — On Saturday, Oct. 2, Representative Hinson’s constituents were turned away from an event hosted by Americans for Prosperity, where Hinson was scheduled to attend and her staff spoke, according to The Gazette. In response, Iowans have spoken out in columns and news stories urging Representative Hinson to address this situation.

Footage of Hinson’s constituents being told to leave the event can be seen here.

The following are excerpts of coverage from around the state:

The Gazette (Print): Americans for Prosperity turns away couple

“The event was purported to feature U.S. Rep. Ashley Hinson. My husband registered for us online and we received a confirmation email that said ‘enjoy the event!’… But we were refused entry.”

“After questioning the gatekeeper as to why we would not be admitted, we were only offered his judgement that we were ‘not philosophically aligned with the group.’”

“As informed citizens, shouldn’t we be monitoring what out-of-state dark money groups are saying? Is Hinson listening to them instead of Iowans in the 1st District?”

Tamera Gertsen of Oxford Junction

The Gazette: Reelecting Rep. Ashley Hinson a priority for free market advocacy group

“It is unfortunate that AFP and Hinson will not engage in dialogue or answer questions about issues that are important to all of us. It doesn’t seem like Hinson wants to listen to anyone whose opinion is different from hers or from Americans for Prosperity.”

JoAnn McNeil of Cedar Rapids

Potluck Media: Koch Brothers’ Group Event to Support Hinson Turns Away Iowa Constituents

“Hinson should stand up for her constituents and commit to allowing all Iowans to her associated events in the future. As she was supposed to attend, and her staff in fact did, Iowans deserve an explanation. It’s time Hinson made Iowans her priority.”

Matt Sinovic, Executive Director of Progress Iowa

Editor’s comment:

Once again we thank Progress Iowa for keeping a watchful eye on politicians.

We just want to add that Congress Members Ashley Hinson and Mariannette Miller-Meeks have treated their positions as if what they do is nobody’s business. They are public servants and as such should be open to scrutiny. That is our money they are playing with.

May I also add that both once again voted to default on the debts of the US. Such an irresponsible act could trigger an economic disaster unlike anything ever seen before.

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