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Let’s Talk About Saving Some Serious Money, Joni!

And Quit Trying To Divert Our Attention From The Real Issues If you haven’t read Trish Nelson’s take down of Joni Ernst’s latest attempt to distract Iowans with her little schtick called “Make ‘Em Squeal” it is definitely worth the … Continue reading

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Joni: You Make Us Squeal With Laughter

Senator Ernst is out with another attempt to divert attention from the real issues of the day and possibly act as a stalking horse for the next issue Republicans want to make into the NEXT BIG ISSUE. It looks like … Continue reading

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Joni Ernst: I Am So Out Of Touch!

Wednesday night I checked my email. Mostly these days we are getting appeals to call or email our senators on the Republican trashing of the health care bill. Here’s a helpful hint on contacting them: call their offices in Iowa; … Continue reading

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Joni Ernst: What A Waste Of A Seat

There are but 100 senators in the whole country. They make daily decisions on your life and mine. They will at some point soon be deciding who can get medical care in this country, how much and from whom. That … Continue reading

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