Let’s Talk About Saving Some Serious Money, Joni!

And Quit Trying To Divert Our Attention From The Real Issues

If you haven’t read Trish Nelson’s take down of Joni Ernst’s latest attempt to distract Iowans with her little schtick called “Make ‘Em Squeal” it is definitely worth the few minutes it will take to read. 

Ernst has been sending out these little missives for years. They are pretty much useless except to try to make her into some kind of hero of the taxpayer. Funny thing about that, while she talks about saving pennies she constantly votes to give away billions to the Republican donor class either through pork barrel projects or through massive tax cuts for the rich.

How much did Ernst help piss away during the Trump Government Employee Lockout by not confronting Mitch McConnell or the current president. Let’s not even mention the lives the Trump Lockout screwed up. And there is another one coming right down the pipe. Will Ernst do anything to stand up against the waste and foolishness next time or roll into a ball in the corner of her office? You can guess what I think.

Even a lowly comedian like Samantha Bee can easily see where we could save more than a few pennies. Sam’s analysis is a lot more thorough than Ernst and unlike Ernst’s little schtick, Sam Bee’s analysis is based on fact.

Know what? Maybe we could lure Sam Bee to live in Iowa and we could have her run for the senate. At least when we were laughing at Sam Bee it would be because she wanted us to laugh at her.

Plus we would know Sam would be serious and not just trying to distract us from a vote for a person to be Attorney General who wants to let Trump get away with treason – or a SCOTUS candidate who wants the same thing.

But Joni has hitched her Harley to Trump and she wants to hide it as much as she can. So little distractions like “Make ‘Em Squeal” divert our attention as the investigation of Russian sabotage of our elections creep ever closer to Trump himself.

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