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LBJ Warned Us On Climate 54 Years Ago

As we careen toward the “tipping point” on climate change many of our fellow citizens wonder why someone didn’t warn us long ago so we could have done something. Someone did. And they did it relatively long ago. As we … Continue reading

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Redo on Samantha Bee’s History of “Pro-Life”

Last week we had the insane passage of copycat laws around the country with the express purpose of the de facto stoppage of legal abortions. Iowa, which was once a national leader in things like education and non-partisan selection of … Continue reading

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Right Wing Propaganda Machine Goes After Green New Deal

If you get a chance to ask a candidate a question between now and the Iowa caucuses, why not find out how they think we’re going to govern/get anything done on climate change or anything else when Fox News and … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Saving Some Serious Money, Joni!

And Quit Trying To Divert Our Attention From The Real Issues If you haven’t read Trish Nelson’s take down of Joni Ernst’s latest attempt to distract Iowans with her little schtick called “Make ‘Em Squeal” it is definitely worth the … Continue reading

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Identity Politics

In case you missed it, Samantha Bee shows how misguided those who blame “identity politics” as the reason for Democratic losses in November. Republicans are horrible at governing but they are great at advertising and twisting words. As Samantha Bee … Continue reading

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Grassley, Sam Bee and Abortion

One of the bad things about email is that it has become a huge money solicitation vehicle. However, every now and then in those solicitations are little nuggets of information that can pique an interest that can lead a person … Continue reading

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