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Dean: “Our Base is Women, People of Color and Young People”

Howard Dean is no longer just the former DNC chair. He is currently in charge of the Democrat National Committee voter data program.  Smart move by the DNC. The DNC also showed some gumption by banning Fox News from hosting … Continue reading

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Charlie Cook: Iowa Likely To Lean Republican In 2020

Iowa will still lean Republican in 2020 according to Charlie Cook despite flipping congressional seats from 3 Rs/1 Dem; to 3 Dems/1 R in 2018. “What were the three states that made the difference in 2016? Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania. What … Continue reading

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Indivisible: How We Win In 2020

Once again from the email pile comes some good news for 2020: Short-version: Now that we won a ton of elections(!), we’re launching two new, big guides outlining the Indivisible strategy for the next two years. Indivisible on Offense demystifies … Continue reading

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