Government Waste Joni Should Target


Just got another of Joni Ernst’s comical “Make ‘Em Squeal” missives. I honestly wonder if she ever reads them herself.

Well at least this month she took aim at everybody’s go-to punching bag for “showing-you-are-serious-about-waste-and-fraud” the Pentagon. By golly, you can find waste and fraud in the Pentagon without even looking. Plus going after the Pentagon, shows that any politician who wants to pretend they are serious about waste-and-fraud will take on THE supposed sacred cow of the US government. And just before Memorial Day – wow!

Way to go, Joni! Now we know you are really a serious politician. 

May I suggest another government entity that could use some serious scrutiny about wasting the taxpayer’s dollars and even raking some personal profit in the process?

It has been pointed out by many news organizations this week (I know, fake news – but I believe these stories) that our current president is treating himself like the king we never had nor ever wanted at our expense. LIKE A KING!!! And he has a little trick that makes a bundle of money for himself on the deal.

See this president guy has a lot of golf courses and high end retreats. He was supposed to get rid of them before he became president. It says so in the constitution in something called the “emoluments” clause. See an elected official – like you for instance – is not supposed to be making money outside you elected job because it might influence your decisions. Get the idea?

So this president guy he has all these golf courses and retreats and he takes his vacations only at his golf courses and retreats. Well, actually, it is more than vacations. It’s damn near every weekend. Now, because this guy is president he has a large entourage that travels with him everywhere. There are advisors and family and a large group of body guards. 

Now here’s where he rakes in the dough. Since he still owns the golf courses and retreats, everybody who stays there to be near the president has to rent a room  – from him – as long as they are there. And they have to be there as long as the president is. And so the president is racking up the dough each day he stays at his own golf courses and hotels. $$$KaChing$$$!

Oh – and the money he uses to pay for it is not out of his pocket. Oh no! It’s taxpayer money – my money.

I don’t know why, but for some reason this just stinks to high heaven to me. I don’t like paying for these quite expensive little weekends.

How much has it cost us, you ask? Well, according to msn news  about $102 million. Along with the cost is this most concerning aspect of the current president’s trips according to the article:

“Just as troubling as the amount Trump has spent so far on golf trips is the fact that his visits have been to his own properties — for-profit businesses that put money in his own pocket and that Trump routinely praises during his visits.


“His top priority with these trips is not the business of the American people, it’s the business of the Trump Organization,” said Jordan Libowitz of the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. “The American presidency has become another tool to advertise his golf properties.”


“As Trump promotes his golf courses through taxpayer-financed visits to his clubs, it’s an extra benefit for him that his properties are able to scoop up some taxpayer money directly,” said Public Citizen’s Weissman.

“It’s clear that to Donald Trump, the presidency is just another way to benefit his businesses,” CREW’s Libowitz added. “Because of his refusal to divest from his business empire, Americans must always ask whether his decisions are made primarily with his bank account in mind.”

Now, Joni, if you are not the phony you seem to be, this looks like the kind of piggishness that you could sink your snippers into. 

Funny thing, though. I am pretty sure you will do nothing. You are way too scared of Trump. Getting re-elected is much more important to you than doing the right thing for Iowa and America.

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  1. Jerry Chilton says:

    Bravo! This should be printed as a guest column in every newspaper in the state


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