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Joni Ernst Says She Is Likely Yes Vote On Graham-Cassidy

Senator Joni Ernst said Saturday at a town hall meeting in Iowa City that she will likely vote yes to the Graham-Cassidy health care repeal legislation in the “unlikely” event that it comes up for a vote.   Check out more … Continue reading

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Why Would The Senate Vote To Kill ACA When No One Wants That To Happen?

7 minutes Just a thought passing though my mind after another day of getting no answer from the Ernst office once again and the usual surly response at the Grassley office. I have a couple questions and some ruminations about … Continue reading

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Iowa’s Only Democrat Dave Loebsack Fighting For Rural Hospitals

Loebsack:  “I represent a rural part of America and I’m proud to represent that part of America, but I’m concerned that this legislation does little to nothing to help those in rural areas. We must ensure that our nation’s health … Continue reading

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