Joni Ernst: I Am So Out Of Touch!


Wednesday night I checked my email. Mostly these days we are getting appeals to call or email our senators on the Republican trashing of the health care bill. Here’s a helpful hint on contacting them: call their offices in Iowa; Washington ain’t answering.

Right now the country is focused on what will be a catastrophic disaster for nearly every family in America of Republicans repealing the ACA in order to give huge tax cuts to the wealthy. It is hard to avoid any news about what tragedies may lie ahead if you are poor, middle class, young, old or simply anything but wealthy.

With most of America and much of Iowa facing a huge disruption in their lives that will be caused by Republican senators like her, Joni Ernst sends out one of her “Make ‘Em Squeal” emails. The idea of these is to show how our government has put itself into a huge debt hole by not managing their money very well.

Does Ernst deal with the impending disaster? Does she mention how some 23 million Americans and some nearly 100,000 Iowans will be forced to drop health insurance? Does she talk about how cutting Medicaid will endanger the lives of millions of Americans?

NO! Senator Ernst focuses on something much more insidious!

Squeal Award: Overpriced & Under-vetted Uniforms

Yep. This is what Ernst sees as something that will bring down the republic! Another boneheaded play by America’s bloated military establishment. Since congress, led by Republicans, refuses to ever do any auditing on the military FUBARs like this are daily occurrences.

An aside here – Ernst’s website, like those of many Republicans is nearly inaccessible. About the only way I have found to access it is to type in the url line. Even from there access to her “Make ‘em Squeal” button is not accessible.

From the Ernst email:

The Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction released a report this week detailing the DODs decision to purchase camouflage uniforms with a “forest” green color scheme. Unfortunately, only 2.1 percent of the total land area in Afghanistan is covered by forests.

Additionally, due to proprietary fees, the new camouflage pattern costs up to 43 percent more than similar alternatives already in use by the Afghan National Police. This decision added approximately $28 million to the cost of the Afghan National Army uniform purchase. By simply choosing a similar, non-proprietary camouflage pattern, the DOD could save taxpayers anywhere between $68 to $72 million over the next ten years. (ed. note: by my calculation that is @ 20 cents per American)

This poorly vetted use of taxpayer dollars is not only wasteful, but dangerous to the members of the Afghan National Army serving their country and protecting U.S. interests in the region. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I believe this is completely unacceptable and will continue working tirelessly to protect taxpayer dollars.

Therefore, I present this month’s Squeal Award to the Department of Defense for the Afghan National Army’s overpriced and under-vetted uniforms.

And we, the people of Iowa, who really hate stupidity in office award Joni Ernst our “WTF Too Stupid To Be In Office” award.

Now that Ernst has diverted our attention from the real problems of the country – taking away health care from millions, undermining regulations on financial institutions, the resurgent racism and anti-immigrant culture, and a president pushing for war – she probably thinks she can vote to take away health care with no one watching. She is wrong. We are watching!

When I think of waste in government, I think of paying the salaries of worthless senators who are only in Washington to do the bidding of their wealthy donors like the Koch brothers.

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