Ernst’s Laughable “Make “Em Squeal” Award


Got another one of Ernst’s monthly comedy attempts known as her “Make ‘Em Squeal Award.” 

Once again Ernst (or more likely some advisor) makes fun of some project that they claim is wasting taxpayers money in a major way while doing something she (or her staff) deems as unworthy. This month her target is high speed rail in California.

Not too surprising she would pick that as her target since the deeply embattled leader of her party is waging a war with California. Trump and his party cohorts are looking for a way to politically punish California because they voted nearly every Republican member of congress from that state out of office. 

Now if Ms. Ernst were truly serious about her crusade to rid our government of stupid expenditures target  #1 would be building a wall between Mexico and the United States. However, instead of standing up to the man whose insane idea this truly is, we can expect Senator Ernst instead to proudly vote for her president to be allowed to take money from what it was budgeted for by congress in order to build this insult to humanity.

We fully expect to vote to give away congress’s most important power – that of controlling the budget – to a man who would love to be able to use the budget as he wishes. Ernst will proudly vote another power for a would be strong man. She will spout party talking points to justify her vote.

There is also an almost exactly similar project to the California high speed railway about to begin construction in Republican dominated Texas. Now oddly enough, Senator Squeal said nothing about the Texas project. 

Joni Ernst, doing the bidding of rich oligarchs for five years and counting. Hey, Joni, Iowans are losing their asses on that insane trade war Trump started. When are you going to do something besides help divert attention?


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