Joni Ernst: What A Waste Of A Seat

There are but 100 senators in the whole country. They make daily decisions on your life and mine. They will at some point soon be deciding who can get medical care in this country, how much and from whom. That is pretty important in my life as I am sure it is in yours.

Soon she will most likely be deciding whether to vote for Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. That vote will dramatically affect all our lives as Gorsuch will be deciding cases on such matters as the constitutionality of abortion issues, voter suppression, gerrymandering and the environment to name a few.

Ernst will continue to vote for administration nominees to fill various government positions. Based on the history so far, she will continue to vote for nominees who have a hostile attitude toward the government in general or the post they seek in particular. So she will continue to help the Republican Party undermine the very government that is the basis of our country.

Also there will soon be a budget to vote on in which the poor, the invalid and others who receive assistance from the country on an individual basis will be vilified while corporations will be overfed at the government trough. As one of only 100 people in the country who has a say in these and many other decisions that affect every American, her time and attention to these issues is extremely important. Seeking and understanding the issues and their effect on her constituents should be her top priority.

Given that as background, I – and I am sure thousands of other Iowans – was extremely disappointed to see her email titled “Make “em Squeal” in my email the other day.

In it the senator explained how she was going to take on waste in the government. This month her target would be ****drumroll***** Taxpayer Funded Portraits! Oh My God. That is so important! tens of thousands of dollars she exclaims! HOLY COW!!!!

From her email:

“Did you know that when a head of federal agency leaves their post, that agency typically has an oil painting portrait made in their honor? Did you also know that each of these portraits can cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars?”

At a time when we are nearly $20 trillion in debt, this costly use of taxpayer dollars is absurd and is why I am a co-sponsor of the Eliminating Government-funded Oil-painting Act, or the EGO Act. This bill would prohibit the use of taxpayers’ dollars to pay for an oil-painted portrait of an officer or employee of the federal government. “

The new first family is wasting that on an hourly basis. How about them, Senator? Keeping up what? 3 or 4 residences for them while guarding the sons little business excursions around the world is a true waste of my dollars. How about caring about that?

And while we are at it, when will you come out and take a stand against the president’s unconstitutionally running his businesses while supposedly being president. That has to be costing us some bucks.

Where was your outrage on waste last week when your colleagues in the House tried to screw over Americans with a health insurance bill that would cost Americans billions unnecessarily?

While you are saving these massive amounts by stopping the oil paintings of various officials, could you maybe look into that massive Pentagon budget? Last year a a document stated that the Pentagon could easily save $125 BILLION in overhead in 5 years. Yet your party wants to give them another $54 BILLION a year. Why not bring this up?

And what about the billions in tax breaks to oil companies that truly do not need them?

Senator Ernst you look like a fool and make Iowans look like fools for electing someone who is truly not serious about her claims of saving money. Your little “Make ‘em Squeal” campaign looks much more like something to distract voters from the god-awful crap that is going on down in the nation’s capitol than any real effort to cut the true, very obvious waste from bureaucracies.

BTW – cutting things like Meals-On-Wheels, SNAP or the ACA are really bad choices also. Those help to keep people alive and even make them more productive. The first family wastes far more in a week than a year’s budget for Meals-On_wheels.

How about doing something to collect taxes from the fat cats that make millions, yet don’t pay taxes. We could start with a man named Trump.

However, Senator. you did make your constituents squeal and squeal loudly last week. You voted to take away our internet privacy. Shows what you think of Iowans. We are little more than a commodity to you and your Republican cohorts. Surely many of us will remember that when your term is up. By then you will no doubt voted proudly to end internet neutrality and delivered one more HUGE paycheck to your corporate donors.

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7 Responses to Joni Ernst: What A Waste Of A Seat

  1. Hugo S LaVia says:

    But … I thought she was PRO OIL. The Koch brothers are gonna be maaaaaaad.


  2. Dee Silbaugh says:

    Joni Ernst needs to remember that she was put there by Iowans and she can be taken out the same way.. I don’t understand why anyone would have voted for that totally inadequate health care bill and the Internet privacy bill. Our elected officials need to put their constituents first and party last. I am so sick of all of them . I am beginning to think that none of them should be there. Term limits would take care of a lot of this shit.


  3. I’m sorry she’s got such low priorities. Anyone who is so fixated on her own agenda, namely the privately, not federally funded abortions that planned parenthood performs, that she can’t see that she’s hurting a sector of our population that are using PP to prevent pregnancy, is atrocious. Being a public servant should mean you serve their best needs, not your own agenda. This oil picture thing is a waste of time. She also did not listen to her constituents about B. DeVos. Neither did Grassley.


  4. Fred Willrich says:

    Start representing the people of Iowa and start voting the way the majority wants instead of following your party. I presume all your records are public information like mine in that dumb Internet privacy bill. I’ll bet not.


  5. Gregory Davis says:

    Ernst does not have the intelligence or judgment worthy of serving in the U.S. Senate. Iowans voted for her anyway. This reflects poorly on the people of Iowa.


  6. Madelyn Mayberry says:

    Also, oil painters are small business men and women and certainly deserving of advocacy. A large oil portrait can take months to create not to mention the skill involved and the patience to put up with the subject matter! Who will be able to pay the fair return on effort, skill and talent if not a BIG MONEY POLITICIAN!?!?


  7. Vicki Nelson says:

    This Iowan sure as HELL didn’t vote for Ernst, Grassley, or Trump! To say I got screwed over royally would be an understatement!


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