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Worst Person Of The Year

What the heck, if Time can name someone as “Person Of The Year” then anyone can name ‘anything of the year’ right? So we will go with a “Worst Person” award. Upon reading a headline like “Worst Person” most people … Continue reading

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Soybean Farmers Now Really In The Crosshairs Of Trump’s Policies

From the time Donald Trump announced his unilateral imposition of tariffs on products coming from China through China’s imposition of strategically aimed retalliation it has in some ways resembled a couple of old men playing a bluffing game. Certainly many … Continue reading

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Ready For $4 Gas?

One way to tell Republicans are in office is that the price of gas skyrockets.  Remember Operation Desert Storm? Zoom! Remember invading Iraq? Zoom!  It takes a little while to cook up a destabilizing scenario in some world hot spot … Continue reading

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Trump Shoots At China, Hits Iowa Squarely

Just a short note in case you hadn’t heard. There has been some blowback from our bully president’s unilateral move to impose tariffs on Chinese products. The Chinese stood up to the bully. Not sure our bully was expecting that … Continue reading

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Impeachable Offenses: Failure To Uphold The Law  start at 4 minutes ends at 22:15. from bradblog: First up, Trump’s recent comments and actions to sabotage American health care are, as I argue, in violation of his sworn oath to “protect and defend the Constitution”, which includes … Continue reading

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Toxic Masculinity, Sexual Harassment And Iowa

Seems like as we get older we slowly lose touch with the latest in trends and terms. This week the term “toxic masculinity” is new to my vocabulary, although the behaviors it describes are hardly new to our society. In … Continue reading

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100th Anniversary Of JFK’s Birth

Kennedy Inaugural speech There simply couldn’t be a greater contrast between presidents than the contrast between the man born 100 years ago tomorrow and the current president. President Kennedy was a man of intelligence, wit, charm and grace. He had … Continue reading

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Grassley Once More Shows Disdain For Citizens

Chuck Grassley used his incredibly valuable time as one of the investigating senators on the senate committee that is investigating General Michael Flynn and possible connections of the Trump administration to Russia to ask inane, irrelevant and frankly insulting questions … Continue reading

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Remember What Harry Reid Said?

What Harry Reid said was in quite plain language back just before the election. Following the announcement by James Comey that the FBI had found more emails from Hillary Clinton, Reid sent a blast to Comey claiming he (Comey) had … Continue reading

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What, Me Worry?

The following is a letter to the editor from Larry Hodgden of Tipton. Larry is an Army veteran and former chair of the Cedar County Democrats. A recent Gazette letter reminded me of this warning to all of us. Reverend … Continue reading

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