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Dave Loebsack Questions Twitter CEO About Online Harassment

Twitter CEO to Loebsack: “We agree with all your points.” At a recent House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing with Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, Dave questioned him about the actions his company is taking to keep teens who … Continue reading

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Grassley Swings At Journalists And Hits Himself

Chuck Grassley once seemed to have a golden political touch but these days all he touches turns to lead. When he tries to show how hip he is by using the twitter machine, it often turns around to bite him … Continue reading

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#AskBobby: An Internet Adventure In Hilarity

Hey, it’s a holiday weekend. Not just a holiday weekend, but one of the big holidays of the year. If there is one legacy in America that I love is the irreverence with which Americans have always viewed their politicians. … Continue reading

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Facing A Problem With Humor

No doubt you have heard of various efforts to push extreme policies only to be ridiculed to death by the intended victims and their sympathizers on facebook or twitter or other social media. This week we had an absolutely hilarious … Continue reading

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