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Iraq Peace Vigil, Fifteen Years Later

Action alert by Ed Flaherty – Please join Veterans For Peace and PEACE Iowa at the Clinton St/Iowa Ave entrance to the Pentacrest in Iowa City at 5:30 – 6:00 PM on Monday, March 19th for a 15-Year Peace Vigil. … Continue reading

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Donald Kaul: No Difference Between Jeb And Dubya

http://otherwords.org/ Of Course Jeb Bush Would Have Invaded Iraq The former Florida governor gets too much credit for being smarter than his brother. By Donald Kaul Jeb Bush must have set some kind of record for political flip-flopping this month. … Continue reading

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Who Could Have Predicted?

The news out of Iraq should not be unexpected. The George W. Bush administration filled us with promises of a short war in Iraq. What was it Rumsfeld said – two or three months? We will be greeted as liberators? … Continue reading

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