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More Good News From The Science Front

Last week I posted a list of some of the things that were good news during the last year.   Some were politically related, some were science related. Right after I posted that story a couple of other stories came … Continue reading

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Good News: Breakthroughs Of The Year

When it seems as if humanity couldn’t be doing more to lead ourselves to a mass extinction, along comes an article that reminds us that human ingenuity is doing some incredible things to keep our species alive and kicking, Atlantic … Continue reading

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History Doesn’t Repeat, But It Rhymes

This video has 3 parts. The first two parts while very interesting are not totally relevant to the article below. The third part starts at 4:40 and goes about 6 minutes. As the Covid pandemic continues with Republicans weaponizing the … Continue reading

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A Nation Of Magical Thinkers

An editorial in the Detroit Free Press last week really nailed what is going on particularly in Republican led governments across the nation including our national leaders and those here in Iowa. The article is written by Len Niehoff, a Professor … Continue reading

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Hodge-Podge: Branstad For Bishop!

I understand Terry Branstad is a Roman Catholic. I never knew this because I never cared before. As one who truly believes that the separation of Church and State must as wide as a galaxy it really irked me to … Continue reading

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Watch This!

If you are any kind of science geek or curious about our beginnings or where we are going, I think this TV event will grab you. I never saw the original series with Carl Sagan. But reviews say this is … Continue reading

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