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ALEC Winter Meetings Next Week

6.5 minutes As America prepares for Christmas, Republicans prepare to steal more from the 99% If you are a Republican your party is on the verge of fulfilling the wet dreams of the wealthy since the day FDR was sworn … Continue reading

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100 Funders Have Left ALEC

(Ed. note) The following is a fund raising email from the Center for Media and Democracy. About CMD CMD is a national watchdog and media group that conducts in-depth investigations into corruption and the undue influence of corporations on media … Continue reading

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Government Of The Corporation, By The Corporation, For The Corporation

Looks like it is past time for Abe Lincoln to rewrite that little speech he gave at Gettysburg 153 years ago today. The reality now is that the country now more than ever in the hands of the wealthy and … Continue reading

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Iowa Senate Rejects Branstad Plan On Medicaid

For what it is worth at this juncture let’s have a big hand for the Iowa Senate which passed SF 2125 Thursday that called for the termination of contracts for the managed care of Iowa’s Medicaid program. This is better … Continue reading

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IPP: Branstad’s Administrative Tax Cut For Businesses

If you are looking for solid, fact based opinions on what effect Iowa’s fiscal policies will have in the real world before they are enacted one of the best sources around is the Iowa Policy Project. Once more under the … Continue reading

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Embarrassed To Be A Republican Yet?

Tuning in to the Benghazi “hearing” sporadically yesterday and listening to the updates on radio one thought that kept running through my mind is “man, am I glad i am not a Republican.” A derivation of that thought was “if … Continue reading

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ALEC Chosen As Iowa’s New House Speaker

Oops – that is, former ALEC chair Linda Upmeyer chosen as new Iowa House Speaker. But they are pretty much interchangeable.  She and ALEC founding father Terry Branstad will make a formidable team that will work hard for corporations, privatization … Continue reading

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Paulsen Retires But House Continues in ALEC’s Hands

Just in case the citizens of Iowa were concerned that the retirement of Kraig Paulsen as speaker of the House next January might loosens ALEC’s grip on the Iowa House rest assured that the most likely successor is even tighter … Continue reading

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ALEC Meets In San Diego

While Iowans were enjoying excellent summer weather this week, the corporations were handing marching orders to the various state legislators who owe them fealty above the fealty they show to their various states. Yep, ALEC had a meeting in San … Continue reading

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Sine Die? Not So Fast!

DES MOINES— Governor Branstad’s office released an end of session message for the 85th Iowa General Assembly at 8:41 a.m. yesterday, saying, “despite the partisan tone of the session, we are pleased there was agreement on the majority of our … Continue reading

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