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Wisconsin Becomes 28th State To Call For A Constitutional Convention

(34 Needed To Call A Convention) Email from Robert Reich that should send a chill down your spine: Just 6 states stand between us and a disastrous Article V Convention — we must immediately step up our grassroots response. Please make a donation today. Under … Continue reading

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Republicans Have A Great Week

(6 minutes) The Country Reels They Have Been Dreaming About This One For Nearly A Century. One can only guess what kind of wet dreams Republicans are having after this week. At a national level they proved that qualifications mean … Continue reading

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Reminder: ALEC Will Give Legislators Marching Orders Next Wednesday

Georgia reporter can’t get in to ALEC meeting: (6 minutes) The annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council will be meeting in Washington, DC starting Wednesday through Friday of this week. If you don’t know what ALEC is, my … Continue reading

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Whatsamatta With Kansas? Lots!

Catching up on some old reading I finally got around to reading Peter Fisher’s synopsis of the disastrous Kansas budget over at Iowa Fiscal Partnership. Justice Louis Brandeis once called states “the laboratories of democracy.” As the major laboratory for … Continue reading

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Republicans Fake Concern About Income Inequality

The Iowa senate passed a raise in minimum wage Monday on pretty much of a party line vote. One Republican joined twenty six Democrats to pass the bill. This would be good news if Democrats controlled the other legislative House … Continue reading

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Where The Real Damage Gets Done

Charlie Pierce of Esquire magazine wrote a great, short piece on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) last week. I will quote the opening paragraph here and ask that you click on the highlighted link above to read the rest and … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday – On Wisconsin

Tuesday will hopefully be the last day “Governor” and “Scott Walker” are uttered together without the qualifier “ex” in front of it. And more than likely “Governor” will be replaced soon by the term “convicted felon” proving that Illinois is … Continue reading

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Help Wisconsin AND Vote Tuesday!

DON’T FORGET TO VOTE IN THE PRIMARY TUESDAY! May I strongly recommend a vote for Dave Loebsack? Thank you! And if you have some time, do what you can to help Wisconsin get out the vote for the next Governor … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street: Is It A Movement?

These are heady days for those who are invested in any way in Occupy Wall Street. This action seems to be growing at its original site on Wall Street and there are sympathy actions happening around the country. Right now … Continue reading

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