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Tuition Rising – Is Anyone Surprised?

Brandon Borkovec over at Iowa Policy Project does a great analysis of the disappearing state support for our public institutions of higher education here in Iowa as the Board of Regents once again announced a rise in tuitions. Today’s announcement of … Continue reading

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Board Of Regents Mess Typical For Branstad Administration

For the second time in two years one of Iowa’s major universities is looking for a new president. After last year’s fiasco in the hiring of businessman Bruce Herrald to head the University of Iowa three Democratic state senators have … Continue reading

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Full Video: University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld’s Public Forum And Q & A

“Why did the board of regents install an overpaid puppet? What is their agenda? Where is the protest?”     In order to understand what has just happened,one has only to look at Republican governors across the country enacting the … Continue reading

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Regents’ Proposed Revenue Model A Lose-Lose For Iowa Universities

For deep background, first click here and go read the historic Powell Memo (also known as the Powell Manifesto), which “essentially marks the beginning of the business community’s multi-decade collective takeover of the most important institutions of public opinion and … Continue reading

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Top Ten Things Iowa Will Regret About 2014

Regrets, there have been a few but not too few to mention!  BFIA has compiled a list of decisions made over the past year that we predict are going to turn out to be very, very bad indeed.  Happy new … Continue reading

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