What Is The Ted Cruz Campaign Strategy: Second Reagan Revolution..or Second Coming Of Christ?

krugman gop madnessWhy are we worried about Trump when we’ve got Ted Cruz?  And for that matter, why are we worrying about Hillary and Bernie’s campaign staff foibles?  We have way bigger problems.

Here are some scary or fun (depending on whether you care what happens or not) highlights of Ted Cruz on the campaign trail in Iowa.  Video below.

“Federal agencies in Washington are descending like locusts on small businesses destroying jobs all across this country.”

Followed by a very funny joke Cruz told.

Question posed to an audience in Texas: “What’s the difference between regulators and locusts?” Answer: “You can’t use pesticide on the regulators.” Texas farmer says, “wanna bet?”  That was the joke. Wasn’t that hilarious?

“We will pass a simple flat tax so that every American can fill out his or her taxes on a post card..” (Because Republicans don’t care if every American has health care or can vote, but they are committed to us all being able to file our taxes on a post card). “..And when we do that we should abolish the IRS…we need to padlock that building, take all 90,000 employees and put them down on our southern border…no one will want to come across if they see 90,000 IRS agents” (said “partly” tongue in cheek). Too funny. Those conservatives can really do satire, haha.

“Where we are today is like the late 1970’s…we remember how that story ended.. the Reagan revolution!”

Closing, Cruz tells the audience that Washington hated Reagan and he attempts to characterize himself as anti-Washington, anti-lobbyist, anti-special interest and a leader of the people like supposedly Reagan was. He even said “America is a shining city on a hill.”

A question from the audience, “What is your plan as far as uniting the U.S., because we’re so divided?” Cruz’s answer was of course, to blame President Obama for dividing the country.  Because Republicans have done so much to try to bring Americans together. Please contact us at blog3@democracyforiowa.com if you hear of something.


So it seems there’s more to worry about than just The Donald… On this stop in Texas, Cruz turns a campaign event into a prayer revival where everyone prays for him to become president. Yep.


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