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Powers of the Federal Government and the State Governments

by Ralph Scharnau Under the Constitution, the United States operates with a federal government and state governments. Clashes between the states and the federal government over their respective authorities have long been a regular feature of our politics. One important … Continue reading

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BP Gets Off – A Nation Of Laws?

Ed Schultz did yeoman’s work over the past couple of weeks following up on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. As noted in the video above the perpetrator of the spill, BP, did all it could to avoid restitution for … Continue reading

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CRomnibus: A Hint Of Things To Come

Americans have been conditioned by our news cycles and our lifestyles to get worked up about something today only to have it stroked from our memories tomorrow. For all but a few, stitching today’s thread of news into the fabric … Continue reading

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Democratic Gains In Wisconsin Recall Election Advance Progressive Politics

Pay no attention to the media reports of the Wisconsin recall election being a big win for the GOP.  It was not. John Nichols, Washington correspondent for The Nation magazine and Wisconsin native has been reporting from Wisconsin ever since … Continue reading

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