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The Secret GOP Plan To Keep Power

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Courts Becoming Republican Power Centers

Thanks to a case decided by the Iowa Supreme Court and a couple of cases on the docket for decisions this month for the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the US)  we can see why Republicans have put so much emphasis … Continue reading

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Answering 538′s Gerrymandering Question

Follow this blog!  You won’t find it on Facebook or Twitter and as far as we can tell, you can’t subscribe to it. You have to actually go there. ### iowahighwayends.net/blog/ Political/statistical analysis website 538 says fixing gerrymandering is hard. … Continue reading

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5 Things To Know About The Wisconsin Gerrymandering Case Before The Supreme Court

https://www.brennancenter.org/ 5 Things to Know About the Wisconsin Partisan Gerrymandering Case Michael Li, Thomas Wolf With Gill v. Whitford, the U.S. Supreme Court has taken the most important case in decades dealing with how Americans are represented in Congress and … Continue reading

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Gerrymandering Author At Prairie Lights Wednesday

The two videos were posted on youtube in June of 2016. They are about 30 minutes in length in total August 23, 2017(Wednesday) – 7:00pm at Prairie Lights in downtown Iowa City, Salon editor-in-chief David Daley will read from Ratf**ked, Why Your Vote Doesn’t Count. … Continue reading

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How The Modern Day GOP Used Gerrymandering To Regain Power After Obama

The University of Iowa Public Policy Center sponsored a discussion about gerrymandering last week. “A discussion about redistricting between David Daley, former editor-in-chief of Salon.com, and Jonathan Winburn, associate professor of political science at the University of Mississippi, moderated by … Continue reading

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What do President Obama, Howard Dean, and Bernie Sanders have in Common?

Watch and find out.  Obama to young people:   “If you participate you’ll change the country…. the system doesn’t work if people opt out. The easiest, simplest cure for getting our democracy to work is everybody voting.”  

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Why We Need a Small-d Democratic Revolution

Action Alert from Common Cause Yesterday, President Obama made good on his promise to use his bully pulpit to push for real democracy reform. And the agenda he laid out proves he’s listening to the huge majority of voters who … Continue reading

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Dems Must Vote Down-Ballot To Flip States In 2016

DemocracyforAmerica Tuesday’s election delivered some big wins for DFA-endorsed progressive candidates — and dealt a powerful blow to the NRA. The good news: On Tuesday in Virginia, DFA-endorsed Jeremy McPike defeated the NRA in the biggest State Senate race of … Continue reading

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Our Kids Is Screwed

Every day I hear some republican say “We are leaving our children a crushing debt.” This is simply hooey and bothers me a great deal on two levels: 1) it is not “we” that are leaving the debt, it is … Continue reading

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