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Klobuchar Let’s Ted Cruz Have It

She is beyond disgusted with Cruz. I’m sure she speaks for most Democrats about most Republicans: (9 minutes) Cruz is one of the worst. However with the exception of Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine he is … Continue reading

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Mitt On The White Horse To Save The Day

I have never given up thinking that Mitt would run for president this round. He, like Ted Cruz, believes that God (in Mitt’s case the Mormon God) chose him to run to be the first Mormon president. I have been … Continue reading

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Republican Icon Steve King May Be Primaried

Apparently stepped on some monied toes. Tuesday morning started with an interesting blurb in the news. State Senator Rick Bertrand of Sioux City publicly acknowledged that he was considering a run against Congressman For Life and More Steve King. What … Continue reading

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Steve King Tells Us What The Bottom Line Is

From a dailykos.com story Thursday evening. Steve King lets the real driving force behind the Republican Party this year out of the bag in a way it is hard to misunderstand: “This is perfect. Better than perfect. At a Ted … Continue reading

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What Is The Ted Cruz Campaign Strategy: Second Reagan Revolution..or Second Coming Of Christ?

Why are we worried about Trump when we’ve got Ted Cruz?  And for that matter, why are we worrying about Hillary and Bernie’s campaign staff foibles?  We have way bigger problems. Here are some scary or fun (depending on whether … Continue reading

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Senator Cruz And The Sierra Club

The exchange between U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and Sierra Club president Aaron Mair during an Oct. 6 Senate judiciary subcommittee hearing was a brief flash in the news cycle. Was it also a debate about climate change? The subject was … Continue reading

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Which GOTeaparty Senator Wants To Shut Down The FCC?

freepress.net The government may be open for business, but Ted Cruz still wants to shut things down. The Texas senator’s new target? Political ad transparency. Cruz is trying to block a vote on Tom Wheeler, President Obama’s nominee to chair … Continue reading

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Iowa Republicans Bicker Over Campaign Tweets Because They Can’t Stop Obamacare

Not being a real news organization, BFIA has no self-imposed obligation to report (blab incessantly) about the media obsession of the week.  So, if you came to find out what we might have to say about Ted Cruz, move along, … Continue reading

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Crazy Talk from Ames #FLS2013

Conservatives met in Ames this weekend at the Family Leader Summit 2013, making the case for detractors of Iowa’s first in the nation caucuses with their extreme views and media circus. While views expressed at the event are in the … Continue reading

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