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The Corporation

Hidden Knowledge: Corporations; how they came into being, how they have changed, how they are run and how they are the key to the erosion of society, erosion to the rights and lifestyles of people.  

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Weekly Observations July 4th Edition.

The big central question this election is quite simple and also quite akin to what sparked the original Revolutionary War two hundred plus years ago. The central question is whether or not our government is for the rich and powerful. … Continue reading

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ALEC Member Corporations.

If corporations choose to join organizations like ALEC, they should be proud enough to let the country and their shareholders know. As mentioned many times before here on blogforiowa, ALEC tries to operate out of the light. As you also … Continue reading

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The Upside-Down Republican View of Power

Most Americans think that the power structure of the government and the country is pretty much what is described in the Constitution. The people are the sovereign, the final deciders. Through their votes they choose the President as the head … Continue reading

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