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The Occupy Movement may not be dead after all. Out in California an organization called 99Rise has been involved in a march from Los Angeles to the state capitol in Sacramento. Their purpose is to occupy the capitol building with … Continue reading

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Not Involved Is Involved In A Big Way!

So you say politics bores you, or you don’t want people to know how you feel about issues. Unfortunately, failing to stand up for what you believe sends just as loud of a statement as does standing up. Refusing to … Continue reading

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Couple of Great Ideas

1) Don’t know if you may have heard of this, but members of the Occupy Wall Street have come up with a great idea: buy debt on the debt market for pennies on the dollar and then forgive that debt. The … Continue reading

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Iowa's Developing Koch Addiction

CORALVILLE, Iowa– Yesterday, Blog for Iowa reported that there would be a counter protest to the Americans for Prosperity (AFP) event at the Coralville Holiday Inn. Since our party chair wanted to talk to me on another matter, and he … Continue reading

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99% Spring Is Coming To Your Town April 9-15 A coalition of dozens of community organizations; unions; and civil rights, environmental, student, and activist groups is organizing the 99% Spring, with a goal of training 100,000 people in direct action the week of April 9-15. Trainings will be … Continue reading

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Occupiers To Retake Peoples Park

Occupy action alert from Ed Fallon Dear Friends, I have important, breaking news to share with you: In response to the decision by City of Des Moines officials to no longer allow Occupy Des Moines to remain at Stewart Square, … Continue reading

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The Most Disturbing Thing About The GOP Selection Process

We could not agree more with this sentiment or have said it better.  John Nichols on the Thom Hartmann show today said this: “…The most unsettling thing is what the Republican contest has said about our media.  By and large, … Continue reading

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Letter From The 99% To The 1%

From our inbox:  The letter below is a simple, elegant expression of the reason for the Occupy Wall Street movement.  We do not know its origin.  Please share widely. Letter to the 1% We are the 99%. We are the … Continue reading

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What Newspaper Believes People Are More Important Than Corporations? THE PROGRESSIVE POPULIST, a newspaper that believes people are more important than corporations, premiered in November 1995 as a monthly tabloid publication based in Storm Lake, Iowa, with editorial offices in Austin, Texas. In October 1999 it expanded to … Continue reading

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How To Help Wisconsin Recall Scott Walker

We’ve the seen the tide changing lately — from the Occupy Wall Street protests, to progressives winning local elections across the country, to the resounding victory in Ohio where voters overwhelmingly rejected Gov. Kasich’s anti-union agenda. Our win in Ohio … Continue reading

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