Reminder: ALEC Will Give Legislators Marching Orders Next Wednesday

Georgia reporter can’t get in to ALEC meeting: (6 minutes)

The annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council will be meeting in Washington, DC starting Wednesday through Friday of this week.

If you don’t know what ALEC is, my best description is that it is a group organized by businesses for them to meet with legislators (and now city councils and county supervisors) to give the legislators (councilors and supervisors) their wish lists for legislation. ALEC members usually have “model legislation” ready for the legislators so they don’t have to bother their pretty little heads with such stuff.

ALEC is mostly funded by the Koch brothers with generous donations from major corporations. If you haven’t figured it out by now the “good of the people” is not a goal of this organization. ALEC has brought America such wonderful legislation as public funding of private schools and the shoot your neighbor laws.

ALEC meetings are not as far as I know are not open to the public or the media. This should be a violation of open meetings laws. I do not know if it has ever been challenged.

Follow up to the previous report (6 minutes)

Most legislators that belong to ALEC are Republican. Recently Iowans had some protection against some of the extremely pro-business, anti-public legislation that ALEC pushes because we had one chamber led by non-ALEC member who were Democrats. We no longer have such protection.

ALEC policies have been implemented almost wholesale in Republican states like Kansas and Wisconsin. Both of these states have economies that are suffering badly and safety nets that are almost non-existent. Republicans in Iowa will be doing their best to emulate these states.

While finding out which legislators are members of ALEC is very hard to do, we do know that Iowa’s legislative leaders and its governor are deep in ALEC’s pocket. House leader Linda Upmeyer is the former chair of ALEC. New senate majority leader is the state chair for ALEC in Iowa and Governor Branstad was a founding member of ALEC.

For those among us who voted for Democrats or who really desire a government of the people, by the people and (especially) FOR THE PEOPLE, we can all watch in horror as corp[orations get a huge gift basket of goodies from our ALEC owned legislature.

For those who voted for Republicans, enjoy the spectacle as your tax dollars are funneled to corporations. Listen attentively as your governor tells you how wonderful this is as wages stagnate and safety nets are cut.

Bill Moyers gives us the lowdown on ALEC: (31 minutes)

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  1. clara oleson says:

    Open meeting laws only apply to governmental entities, mot private organizations.


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