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Why Is Bill Dix Not Resigning?

From the Des Moines Register November 14th, 2016 Sexual harassment by the Republican caucus has been proven in court. He tried to keep the report on the incidents hidden. When the report was opened they revealed little. Many staffers said … Continue reading

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ALEC Winter Meetings Next Week

6.5 minutes As America prepares for Christmas, Republicans prepare to steal more from the 99% If you are a Republican your party is on the verge of fulfilling the wet dreams of the wealthy since the day FDR was sworn … Continue reading

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100 Funders Have Left ALEC

(Ed. note) The following is a fund raising email from the Center for Media and Democracy. About CMD CMD is a national watchdog and media group that conducts in-depth investigations into corruption and the undue influence of corporations on media … Continue reading

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Reminder: ALEC Will Give Legislators Marching Orders Next Wednesday

Georgia reporter can’t get in to ALEC meeting: (6 minutes) The annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council will be meeting in Washington, DC starting Wednesday through Friday of this week. If you don’t know what ALEC is, my … Continue reading

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Government Of The Corporation, By The Corporation, For The Corporation

Looks like it is past time for Abe Lincoln to rewrite that little speech he gave at Gettysburg 153 years ago today. The reality now is that the country now more than ever in the hands of the wealthy and … Continue reading

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