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What Could Possibly Be Next?

In my formative years I was an avid reader of the Des Moines Register’s Donald Kaul. His column ran on the editorial page of the paper three times a week. When football was no longer being played and the corn … Continue reading

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And Now The Bad News: Iowa Legislature Returns

Winter winds blow chillin’ cold. What blows even colder is the hearts of Iowa’s Republican Party. Next week they start part two of emptying out the state coffers – filled by taxes from you and I –  and handing it … Continue reading

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Carlin Told Us What Was Coming Years Ago

In this clip, George Carlin pretty well sums up what was happening to Americans at the time (2006). Unfortunately, America stepped into a much worse situation in November (about 4 minutes): With the election of the vulture known as Donald … Continue reading

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Reminder: ALEC Will Give Legislators Marching Orders Next Wednesday

Georgia reporter can’t get in to ALEC meeting: (6 minutes) The annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council will be meeting in Washington, DC starting Wednesday through Friday of this week. If you don’t know what ALEC is, my … Continue reading

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Is Kansas’ Primary A Harbinger Of This Fall?

In case you missed it, Kansas held primary elections for state and congressional offices last Tuesday. Kansas has always been a Republican mainstay. Even President Obama stated in his address to the Democratic Convention that his grandparents from Kansas were … Continue reading

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Whatsamatta With Kansas? Lots!

Catching up on some old reading I finally got around to reading Peter Fisher’s synopsis of the disastrous Kansas budget over at Iowa Fiscal Partnership. Justice Louis Brandeis once called states “the laboratories of democracy.” As the major laboratory for … Continue reading

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And The Year Starts Out Really Sucky

I do not know any better way to describe it. We are barely one week into 2015 and it is starting out to look to be even more sucky than the recent sucky year of 2014. Mostly due to the … Continue reading

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