Wisconsin Becomes 28th State To Call For A Constitutional Convention

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(34 Needed To Call A Convention)

Email from Robert Reich that should send a chill down your spine:

Just 6 states stand between us and a disastrous Article V Convention — we must immediately step up our grassroots response. Please make a donation today.

Under all the election headlines last night, here’s something important you may have missed: the Wisconsin legislature just inched our whole nation a few steps closer to utter constitutional chaos.

This time, it’s not even coming from the White House. Extremists in the states, with backing from deep-pocketed corporate front groups like ALEC, are calling for an Article V convention, which would empower unelected, unaccountable delegates to write their far right-wing agenda into our Constitution.

Wisconsin just became the 28th state to join the call — we must escalate our state-by-state organizing to stop this right-wing attack on our Constitution. Please donate today.

The corporate lobbyists and ideologues behind this effort want to shred environmental regulations, roll back civil rights advances, and enshrine far-right wing economics as permanent fiscal policy through a balanced budget amendment.

There are no rules or guidelines in the U.S. Constitution that could constrain an Article V convention once it’s called. Worst of all, they just need 6 more states to reach the two-thirds majority required and put all of our most cherished rights on the chopping block.

But we have a plan to stop them. Common Cause is fighting state-by-state to block and rescind calls for an Article V Convention. Please support our work with a donation today.

I’ve painted a bleak picture, but I want you to know that all isn’t lost. Because I know for a fact that concentrated and organized grassroots action can and will stop this right-wing attack on our Constitution.

In the past few years, Common Cause activists have successfully rolled back Article V calls in Delaware, New Mexico, Maryland, and Nevada. It’s a good thing they did, or we’d just be one state away from constitutional chaos.

At the same time, your support is helping us mount a proactive defense in states like Idaho, South Dakota, North Carolina, Utah, and Wyoming. All of these states have voted against calling an Article V convention after Common Cause and our allies mobilized to stop it. 

So even though we took a tough loss this week, I have faith that our state-by-state grassroots organizing works — and that we keep fighting, we can keep winning.

Common Cause has the expertise, the nonpartisan reputation, and the grassroots power to fight back. We’re building coalitions with Democratic and Republican lawmakers, in red, blue, and purple states alike, to defend our Constitution from the far-right’s Article V power grab.

But with just 6 states between us and an Article V convention, the time to redouble our efforts is now. I hope we can count on your generous support. Please donate today.

We can’t — and won’t — let these extremists rewrite our Constitution. I’m so grateful to know you’re with me in this fight.

Thanks for all you do,

Robert Reich, Board Chair
and the team at Common Cause

P.S. If you want to get more involved to stop or roll back calls for a constitutional convention in your state, email grassroots@commoncause.org and we’ll connect you with Common Cause staff and activists near you.

P.P.S. If you’d like to learn more, read our report The Dangerous Path for more about how an Article V convention threatens our democracy.

Editors note: The report listed in the previous paragraph (The Dangerous Pathis a must read. It gives a full explanation of what an Article V convention is and why such an event could be such a threat to our democracy.

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