Where The Real Damage Gets Done

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Charlie Pierce of Esquire magazine wrote a great, short piece on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) last week. I will quote the opening paragraph here and ask that you click on the highlighted link above to read the rest and also read the Bill Moyers piece Mr.Pierce references. These are probably about the best and most succinct articles I have seen on the damage that ALEC has done and can do.


“It long has been the opinion of the blog that the elite political press is missing the real political action in this country because, for the most part, it concentrates either on what’s going on in Washington, or in the horse race aspects of whatever election is next. But the real action — and all the real damage — is being done out in the states, especially in those states in which the 2010 elections brought in majority Republican legislatures and majority Republican governors. This is part of what we play for laughs every Thursday when we survey what’s goin’ down in The Laboratories Of Democracy. But what’s goin’ down is highly organized, tightly disciplined, and very sharply directed. By now, the American Legislative Exchange Council, and what it’s about, is an open secret. Everybody covering politics knows about it. Everybody covering politics knows where the money for its activities comes from. Everybody in politics knows what its political aims are. And yet, when we have retrograde laws and policies pop up in state after state — most notably in recent days, in the newly insane state of North Carolina — it is always treated as a kind of localized outbreak.”

The one thought I want you to keep in mind is that ALEC is extremely active in Iowa. Before 2010, Democrats were able to keep them at bay. Since 2010, the fact that the Senate has been under Democratic leadership has really slowed them. But they have shown their intentions in the Iowa House.

If the senate falls into Republican hands and the governor and House remain republican, we become Wisconsin. And that is ugly folks.

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