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Impeach Trump Rallies Across The Country Today

Closest events to Iowa in Omaha and Peoria Saturday June 15th will be the first of the “Impeach Trump Rallies” across the country. We just heard of these on Wednesday.  While there are no plans listed for future rallies, we … Continue reading

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Impeachable Offenses: Failure To Uphold The Law

http://bradblog.com/?p=12337  start at 4 minutes ends at 22:15. from bradblog: First up, Trump’s recent comments and actions to sabotage American health care are, as I argue, in violation of his sworn oath to “protect and defend the Constitution”, which includes … Continue reading

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Impeachment History Lesson

People who seek to impeach President Obama should understand he will serve his whole term. The wingnuts among us believe if something can be thought, it can be said, and if it can be said, it can become law, so … Continue reading

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Major Fleets Converting To Natural Gas

  When we look behind the curtain of bad policies that remain stuck in place by Republican obstruction you will see that companies are gearing up for the future despite what policies are in place. For them, to be behind the … Continue reading

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