McConnell Promises A Rigged Trial

Note that Iowa’s own Joni Ernst is right at McConnell’s side as he proudly touts his plans for a rigged trial for the current president.

No matter what the issue, most Americans can accept verdicts as long as they know their side was given a fair chance and the evidence and data was evaluated by a jury of impartial (as much as they can be) jurors who gave them a fair shot. Whether it be a  promotion at work they didn’t get, a trial decision, or laws that will be fairly enforced on everyone as long as the outcome is reached in a fair non-prejudged manner it is more acceptable.

This is why Mitch McConnell’s announced (on television no less) that he has no intention to preside over a fair impeachment trial for the current president has been met with such resistance. Since the dawn of Ronald Reagan, those with money and privilege have made no bones about reshaping our country to favor their views and situations.

Over the past 40 years we have seen taxes dramatically drop for the wealthy. We have seen wages stagnate at the level they were at under Jimmy Carter while inequality in wealth has widened to levels last seen just before the Big Depression. 

With their rise to power Republicans since the 1980s went hard at tilting the playing field in their favor. Their efforts focused on taking away power of opponents through gerrymandering and voter suppression and installing people with their views in permanent positions especially in the judiciary. The coup that put George W. Bush into the presidency despite his losing the popular vote and ultimately the electoral college was one outcome of these maneuvers and led to many others during W’s term

These moves also led to the bizarre yet very predictable outcome of the Citizens United court case that essentially stated the “one dollar, one vote” principle that has moved this country to being a full fledged oligarchy. Add that to corporate owned media that works at every turn to make right wing machinations appear to be “normal.” The amount of free media given to Donald Trump in 2016 along with MSM apologetics for outrageous Trump behavior and statements certainly helped the Trump campaign. 

In this operational mode, under Mitch McConnell’s leadership, Republicans have basically taken the attitude of not only “we can do what we please” but that they can do it in the open in defiance of law and no one can do anything about it.

 Thus we get the very unconstitutional and in our faces refusal to follow constitutional precepts for the appointment of Merrick Garland. And Garland was only one of hundreds of judicial appointments that Republicans refused to move on. We also have actions by the president of openly calling for foreign involvement in our elections, the open involvement in the accrual of emoluments and who knows what else.

The oligarchs – specifically Mitch McConnell continue to feel more and more empowered as their open defiance of law and constitution. McConnell has been so emboldened that he has brazenly, even proudly, gone on network television to declare that the president that has also openly defied the law will be tried in a rigged court with a guarantee of not being held to account for his (the president’s) actions.

This is the very epitome of what the Founders feared as they worked that hot summer in Philadelphia to put together a government where no person of group of people could usurp power unto themselves. Checks and balances was the concept.

The utter arrogance of McConnell, his utter disdain and disregard for our laws and the Constitution should make McConnell a prime candidate for removal from office to be tried for abuse of power. Yet we all know he won’t be removed or tried. The only recourse we will have is the election. As we know elections have been tainted in this country. So there is a very good chance McConnell will get away with his abuse of power.

As you must note, our current situation did not happen overnight. It is the culmination of efforts that began with the election of Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 when a group of super rich businessmen,  gained momentum with the issuance of the Powell Memo and then sped up as Powell Memo concepts were put into practice under Reagan and Bush I, that were then honed with Republican led congresses and the presidency of W. Bush.

Looking around you must note that seldom is a person of privilege, power or wealth actually put in prison nor stripped of their ill gotten gains. Thus the effectiveness of laws that threaten to do so are often muted. 

So now America stands yet again under the current president in a situation that is unprecedented. We have a man in power who openly defies our laws, the senate leader who is to lead the trial against the man in power openly stating he will make sure that said man has a rigged trial where he will not be held accountable and a party that for some reason refuses to have the courage to stand for country over party. This is the stuff that dictatorships are made of.

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