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Pelosi Heads Off Distraction

Video 5 minutes: Egberto Willis’s commentary is right on. Pelosi’s comment that “As far as these platforms are concerned they want 2 things from the federal government – no regulation and no taxes” (at 1:38) perfectly describes the social media … Continue reading

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Rigged Trial Comes Out As Promised

It should come as no surprise to anyone in this country or the world, especially the Republican home office in Moscow, that the impeachment “trial” that Mitchell “Moscow Mitch” McConnell promised to fix came out just as he promised it … Continue reading

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Pelosi Looks Very Concerned In Her Weekly Presser

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seemed very concerned during her weekly press conference held on Thursday morning. The previous day, Attorney General William Barr made no pretense that he would protect the president at all costs, including lying to … Continue reading

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Trump Has A Nickname For Nancy Pelosi

“But everyone knew her as Nancy” – Rocky Raccoon, The Beatles White Album Okay, the #Trumpshutdown is over –  for another couple of weeks anyway – but ICYMI this segment from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, it is pretty … Continue reading

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