You Are Involved In Georgia’s Results. Donate

from the Ossoff for US senate website

That trip you were planning on taking over one of the holidays that you no longer can? Now you have a bit of extra money. Want to do a really good deed for the country and yourself with at least a part of that? I have a suggestion.

President Biden will be facing challenges as no president ever has. The virus will be in full transmission as he takes the oath of office. Besides plans and great people, Biden will need both houses of congress so the administration can get legislation passed that will give Biden the tools and finances to meet the challenges.

Right now the leadership of the senate appears to be in the hands of Republicans. But that can be changed! If the numbers in the senate stay the way they are, Republicans will be the leadership. If that is true, then Mitch McConnell will be the senate leader. For those few who have been hiding for many years, McConnell lives to ruin Democratic administrations. If he continues as leader he will do anything and everything to ruin the Biden presidency, just as he did to the Obama presidency.

But you and I and good Americans throughout the land can at least play a part in keeping that from happening. As of right now, Republicans lead in the Senate is 50 to 48 with two seats yet to be decided. Those two seats will be revoted on because no candidate in either race got over 50% of the votes.

So Georgia will have 2 runoff elections for the two seats. Each race will have only 2 candidates so that one candidate in each race will get over 50% to win.

This is where you and I and Democrats across the country can lend a hand. As we learned during the recent election, money is the oil that greases sections. For our candidates to run effectively, they will need donations and lot of them. Beside the campaigns for the candidates themselves there is also a group headed up by Stacey Abrams that will driving out the vote in Georgia.

If you haven’t seen what we need to stop Mitch McConnell from continuing as Senate Leader, Democrats will need to win both seats in the runoff. The date of the election itself is January 5th.

That is just one of the important dates in the runoff schedule. The cut off dates for registration for new voters is December 7th. Early voting begins on December 14th. Stacey Abrams group will be deeply involved in registration and early voting.

So the places to go to help save the country with a donation or to volunteer for phone calling:     This is the Stacey Abrams group.     This is Jon Ossoff’s website. The donate button will find you (just kidding)      This is Raphael Warnock’s website.

You all know what to do. This is for the country, for you, your children and grandchildren! Go get ‘em!

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  1. A.D. says:

    A rumor is spreading through conservative online groups that Teh Evil Libs are going to move to Georgia, vote, and then move out of Georgia again. Apparently we’re all election fraudsters with lotsa money to burn, who knew.


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