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Why Republicans Must Lie

I have now been around almost long enough to get Medicare, so I have actually seen much water go under the bridge. I have also been paying some amount of attention to what has gone on in our political world … Continue reading

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Governor Branstad Is Lying To You

— and you deserve better than that. Over the last three years, Governor Branstad has engaged in a campaign of deception about job growth in Iowa. By only counting jobs gained – and not any that were lost – he … Continue reading

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Tired Of The Lies?

Don’t know about you but I sure am tired of the constant lies from the Republican side of the aisle. These past few weeks have shown a bright spotlight on their propensity for lying their asses off almost no matter … Continue reading

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Republicans Lie? Surprise!

  In a survey released Wednesday, Politifact noted that Republicans lie 3 times more than Democrats. This is based on a study of statements only since the beginning of Obama’s second term. Although I did not see this noted, I would … Continue reading

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Politics And The Beaten Wife Syndrome

Someone asked me long ago why the American people would continue to vote for candidates like then Pres. George W. Bush. My only guess is that it must be the beaten wife syndrome. That no matter how bad things are … Continue reading

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