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Another Year Of Bible Reading On Courthouse Grounds In Iowa

Maybe it is because the fear of losing medicaid, health insurance or having the costs for insurance skyrocket has sucked all the air out of the room. Or maybe it is the continuing saga of how Republicans worked with a … Continue reading

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Bozell Column Canceled – Who Cares?

thoughts blowing through an idle mind Got a chuckle earlier this week when news came out that Brent Bozell (he is some kind of a whiny conservative) had someone else write his newspaper column. The QC Times canceled the column … Continue reading

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Republicans Lie? Surprise!

  In a survey released Wednesday, Politifact noted that Republicans lie 3 times more than Democrats. This is based on a study of statements only since the beginning of Obama’s second term. Although I did not see this noted, I would … Continue reading

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