Governor Branstad Is Lying To You

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— and you deserve better than that.

Over the last three years, Governor Branstad has engaged in a campaign of deception about job growth in Iowa. By only counting jobs gained – and not any that were lost – he falsely inflated the numbers to make his jobs record look better.

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It started with a promise: Branstad said he would create 200,000 jobs.

But after taking office, Branstad and his political cronies realized they couldn’t get it done and directed the state agency responsible for tabulating job figures to cook the books. At their request, they started counting “gross jobs” instead of “net jobs”.

That means if you lose your job, you don’t count.

But if you’re hired to do two different jobs in the same year, you count twice!

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They claim they’ve created 128,000 jobs, but in reality that number is far less, just 48,200. Barely 25% of his original promise three years ago. And Iowa now ranks 46 out of 50 states in job creation under Branstad, according to a study released last week by Arizona State University.

Any discussion about job creation must begin with an honest assessment of job growth. Since Governor Branstad won’t tell the truth, we’re taking the fight to him.

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P.S. Governor Branstad directed a state agency to manipulate facts in order to cover up his failed promise. Three years later, we’re still waiting for him to tell the truth. Tell him to end the dishonesty today.

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